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Arcane Champions Play Rates Increase

Jinx Arcane
Jinx is getting a lot more time on the rift. | © Riot Games

With the release of Arcane, the main characters of the show, Jinx, Vi and Jayce, have enjoyed more than just a whole lot of attention on the big screen. No, the show has also attracted a new fan base and they’re new players who want to play these champions on Summoner’s Rift.

The play rate of Jayce, Vi and Jinx have climbed exceptionally fast since the release of the first episodes of the show. Champions from the hit show are also currently free to play from Riot, so anyone who wants can test them out!

How High Have the Play Rates Climbed?

According to a tweet by Fullmetal Jayce, the play rate for Jayce has climbed from November 7, 2021 at 2.85% to a play rate of 9.48% on November 9, 2021. This high play rate increase could be due to Jayce playing an important role in Arcane, as well as the Arcane x Riot event in which all players who completed 3 games or won a game got Jayce, as well as his Arcane skin for free.

Jayce’s play rate might have increased, but in those two days, his win rate decreased. Many new players probably tried the champion out without knowing how to play the transforming top laner. His win rate on November 7, 2021 stood at 45.5% while it went down to 44.3% on November 9, 2021.

Jinx and Vi have also had similar curves. Their pick rates have also trended upward. Vi also received some buffs and quality of life changes which have made her a great pick in the jungle for LoL Patch 11.22, which could be a reason why she is also getting increased playtime.

Jinx has been a solid ADC for a while now and Arcane has only boosted her popularity. So, with Caitlyn getting a more prominent role in Act II of Arcane we might see her play rate also increase in the coming days once the new episodes drop.

Which Other Champions Could Gain Attention Through Arcane?

Ekko also played a role in the first act of Arcane. Whether he will continue to be part of Act II is still unknown, but if he is, his play rate could also increase.

Singed also had a short camera in the first act, but whether he continues to play a role in the second is also still up in the air. Fans have also stated that they believe Vander to be Warwick – even though it doesn’t look like he survived the first act.

Heimerdinger and Viktor are two more champions who will likely appear in Arcane Act II and III. Currently, Heimer is not using Glamour in the show right now, but he likely will have to by the end so we do think that he is going to continue to play a big part of the show.

The creation of Hextech will also involve Viktor who is going to be seeing more play time on Summoner’s Rift as well, but if there are any other champions to show up is still unknown to most.