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Still no Penta this season? Try these champs!

LoL: Champions to pentakill them all!


Psy Ops Samira LoL Skin
Which champs do you use to get rid of all your opponents? | ©Riot Games

There is no greater feeling in League of Legends than achieving a pentakill! In the late game, it's usually the game winner. Have you already done a penta this season? If not, we'll show you which champions are the best to do it with.

To make a penta in League of Legends, your champion must first fulfill a few criteria. A pentakill is only possible if you survive a teamfight as long as possible, in the best case until all opponents are dead... For this you need either a lot of sustain/lifesteal, a oneshot combo, the possibility to dodge enemy skill shots often, or a reset champion like Darius, Samira, Katarina and Viego.

Which champ does the most pentakills?

In Riot Games' own "Ask Riot" Q&A session, the developers have answered the question of which champion does the most pentakills. Solo/duo ranked games were taken into account and the answer is not really surprising.

1. Samira is the Pentakill Queen!

Space Groove Samira LoL Skin
With style to the pentakill! | ©Riot Games

With 0.018 pentakills per game, Samira is the champ with the most pentakills when you consider all elos.

1.1 Master Yi shares 1st place with Samira

Master Yi League of Legends Skin
Master Pentakill if you will. | ©Riot Games

Not surprising with his resets on the Q and late game damage. Master Yi also achieves 0.018 pentakills per game.

2. Katarina

Katarina League of Legends Skin
Katarina is also a hot candidate in the Penta race. | ©Riot Games

0.015 pentakills per game and also a reset champion. Katarina can dodge, jump, reset... just everything you need for pentakills!

We recommend that you use reset champs when hunting for pentakills! Having a strong ultimate available at all times in a teamfight is simply a huge advantage over other champions without a reset option.

This is not how you do pentakills....

You should avoid using enchanters and tank supporters. Soraka, Braum, Rell, and Taric all got 0(!) pentas in the solo/duo rankings that Riot Games used to evaluate them. I've also never had a Braum suddenly jump into my backline and tear my team apart.

If you're thinking, "Yeah, that's just Low Elo," you're wrong! Even the highest ranked players are not immune to the pentakill trio - Master Yi (0.017), Samira (0.015), and Katarina (0.011) score the most pentakills per game even in Diamond and higher.

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