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Are you abusing these OP junglers?

Mid-Patch Tier List: Jungle

Patch 11.19 Jungler Tierlist
This is our tierlist of the Junglers in Patch 11.19

The Jungle meta has welcomed several new assassin champions over the last 2 patches or so. So which champions rule the jungle in LoL Patch 11.19? Find out in our Jungle Tier List for this patch!

So far in LoL Patch 11.19, the Jungle meta is changing at a rapid pace. So many new champions are viable. It’s extremely common to see odd-ball picks like Zed and Talon roaming the Jungle, looking for their next victims. So which champs should you lock in to gain LP and stomp your games?

Who Are Our S-Tier Junglers in LoL Patch 11.19?

These champions are the most dominant Junglers in solo queue across the world. If you can learn how to pilot these champs effectively, nothing will stop you on your way to Rank 1! Our S-Tier picks of LoL Patch 11.19 are:

  • Lee Sin - Win Rate: 49.49%, Pick Rate: 26.38%
  • Jarvan IV - Win Rate: 51.58 %, Pick Rate: 15.80%
  • Taliyah - Win Rate: 52.44%, Pick Rate: 5.26%
  • Talon - Win Rate: 50.25%, Pickrate: 8.64%

No real surprises here. Lee Sin is still prominent in the meta as an extremely safe pick into many matchups, regardless of nerfs in previous patches.

All of these champions have an extremely high skill-ceiling, so is it really surprising that they’re dominating high elo?

Who Are Our A-Tier Junglers in LoL Patch 11.19?

  • Graves - Win Rate: 50.05%, Pick Rate: 14.85
  • Rek’Sai - Win Rate: 53.14, Pickrate: 2.95
  • Kayn - Win Rate: 50.11%, Pick Rate: 8.90
  • Xin Zhao - Win Rate: 51.50%, Pick Rate: 5.11
  • Shaco - Win Rate: 49.65% Pick Rate: 4.09

These stats were taken from OP.GG and compared against regions of the world in u.gg. One surprising factor is that Korea's solo queue seems to dislike Shaco. He performs excellently elsewhere. Additionally, Rek’Sai sees an insane winrate in Korean high elo, but a very low pickrate. It’s always fascinating to see how the meta develops in different regions!

Who Are Our D-Tier Junglers in LoL Patch 11.19?

The D-Tier is the lowest tier in the current meta. You’re better off playing other champions, but if you want something new or main one of these champs...best of luck!

  • Zed - Win Rate: 45.06%, Pick Rate: 2.31%
  • Qiyana - Win Rate: 45.44%, Pick Rate: 1.94
  • Gwen - Win Rate: 46.74, Pick Rate: 0.53%
  • Shyvana - Win Rate: 47.57%, Pick Rate: 0.79%
  • Skarner - No Data
  • Vi - Win Rate: 49.19%, Pick Rate: 1.26
  • Rumble - Win Rate: 48.15%, Pick Rate: 1.02

Unfortunately for Zed and Qiyana, although they are seeing some better results overseas, they still remain as very situational picks in the Jungle meta. However, It’s not unlikely that we’ll see Qiyanas pick rate climb as she might see play at Worlds.

If you want to gain some LP, make sure to take this knowledge into ranked and ban out those S tier champs! Or better yet, play them yourself!

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