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The new champion is no match for them!

These Champions Counter Akshan

League of Legends Skin Beezahar
Talking about easy match ups. Assassins are no big deal for Malz. | © Riot Games

Akshan starts to climb up the win rate ladder. People experience hard times gainst The Rogue Sentinel and his win rate is increasing with each passing day after he just recently received multiple buffs via hotfixes. What can you do? What is the best way to counter Akshan? No worries, we got you covered and show you the champion that counter Akshan.

As you guys probably know, Akshan is played as a mid laner. Therefore we can confidently say: he is an ADC-assassin-hybrid. Despite his pretty rough start, he now starts to shine and mess up the League. No one really knows how to play against new champions. Who are the counters? What are the weak spots? Data websites always take a while to collect enough intel. But suffer no more! We can finally present to you: The champions that counter Akshan

These Champions Counter Akshan

1. Diana

First on our list are the top AP champions in the mid lane. Akshan didn't manage to stand up against them at all. Barely 42% win rate. Need to know more?

League of Legends Skin Infernal Diana

Diana is getting nerfed in Patch 11.16. Yes she's still the one of the best choices against Akshan. Her kit remains and The Rogue Sentinel has the lowest win rate against her, probably, because she is simply S-Tier and dominating the whole League from the jungle right now. But hey, someone's got to do it, right?

2. Malzahar

League of Legends Skin Malzahar

His Q - Avengerang gives Akshan strong poke and wave clear potential. But what if he faces even better wave clear and a 100% safe lock down at level 6? Malzs' ult-combo is perfect to stop Akshan. further it is easy to punish his roams with tower pushes or simply roam better than him. Just pick Malzahar into Akshan. He won't stand a chance.

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AD Champions to Counter Akshan

1. Yasuo

League of Legends Skin Spirit Blossom Yasuo

Yasuo's daily business is to mess with squishy ADC's. Guess what? Akshan is so exception. Yasuo has got Windwall to protect himself and denying Akshan to clear the wave with his Q. Add that to some poking and great wave clear. Then finish it with a sweet 100 to 0 combo and et voila. You receive the perfect counter to Akshan. That kit is a pure nightmare for Akshan mains, trust us.

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2. Irelia

League of Legends Skin Sentinel Irelia

Despite being nerfed, Irelia is still way stronger in a 1v1. 41,7% win rate is all Akshan players managed to achieve. All you need to know, isn't it? Stay safe until level 3 and don't get poked too much. Get Vampiric Scepter asap and you can either destroy Akshan or farm without even losing HP to his low damage in the early game.

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