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Who will headline this year's performance for the 2021 World Championship?

2021 LoL Worlds Anthem: Release Date, Artist & More

League of Legends KDA
Can we expect a new music group like KDA? | © Riot Games

With the 2021 World Championship rapidly approaching, fans are beginning to get hype about anything related to the event. It just so happens that the official song of Worlds 2021 will drop as soon as today!

Every year, the LoL World Championship has a song to go along with that particular year. Seasoned LoL veterans will remember songs like ‘Warriors’ and ‘Legends Never Die’ from Imagine Dragons and Against the Current respectively. Either way, fans are dying to know more about the anthem for Worlds 2021.

When Will the 2021 Worlds Song be Released?

In true Riot fashion, the LoL twitter account has been teasing the 2021 Worlds Song over the last few days. According to these teaser images, the song for this year's League of Legends World Championship should be released on September 28th. (If you’re in the United States)

Edit: The Song is out!

Where Can You Watch the 2021 Worlds Song Music Video?

This years release played out the same as previous years. Viewers can check out the Burn It All Down music video on the official League of Legends youtube channel. It's also been released on most major streaming services, such as spotify. 

 The 2021 World Championship begins in just one short week.

Confirmed Appearances in the Burn It Down Music Video

The 'main characters' we follow throughout the Burn It Down music video are ShowMaker, Chovy, Rekkles and Jackeylove. Their journey to make the climb to the best of the best is shown with some fantastic animation throughout the video.

We got to see some epic transformations, like JackeyLove turning into his iconic Kai'Sa, and many others on signature champions. For Showmaker it was Syndra, and Rekkles on Jhin (although he didn't make it to worlds this year). Chovy was also shown frequently as his famous Orianna.

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Many other League of Legends greats' were given small cameos as well. With players such as Pyosik, Doinb, GALA, Viper, Carzzy, brTT, and even Blaber!

Obviously, Faker was included as well. He was seen in the beginning of the video on a giant poster, further cementing his status as a legend in the LoL cinematic universe.

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