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Which games had us on the edge of our seats?

The Best Esports Series in 2021

Faker and Guma
Which series were the best of the year? | © Riot Games

The year is nearing it’s end and we’ve decided to check out some of our favorite moments from 2021. Sadly, most events were once again played in empty arena’s, but we have high hopes for 2022 and the upcoming World Championship in North America to welcome fans once more.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s time to check out the best League of Legends series of 2021. Which games will we continue to watch even in five years time? What were the most memorable matches this year?

5. DAMWON KIA vs. MAD Lions - MSI Semi-Final

LEC hopefuls held their breaths during this series. The MAD Lions were so close to beating the 2020 World Champions, the team that no one in the LCK could even get close to, hell not even the 2019 Worlds runner-ups and heroes of Europe, G2, could beat DAMWON.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough and DAMWON KIA still had two jokers up their sleeves called Canyon and ShowMaker. Those two went full god mode and made it happen in an exciting match for the ages.

4. EDG vs. RNG - Worlds Quarter-Finals

After the LPL representatives bombed out of Groups this year, the LPL’s hope laid on these two teams. Of course, the League of Legends gods weren’t on the side of the LPL and the two representatives had to face off against one another in the first round of the knock-out stage.

Would EDG finally be able to lift their curse of failing in the quarters? Would RNG continue on to try and win the biggest esports event after already stealing the Mid-Season Invitational crown? So much anticipation and the series did not disappoint, keeping everyone on the edge of their seat.

3. DAMWON KIA vs. RNG - MSI Finals

It looked like DAMWON KIA would run away with the Mid-Season Invitational Trophy with ease. Who could challenge them? Well, none other than top lane Xiaohu, that's who. Oh, and of course, the rest of Royal Never Give Up. The LPL spring champions kicked it into high gear.

DAMWON KIA had a few mistakes on their end with BerryL being outclassed by Ming in the support role, failing his roams. It was a true upset of 2021 and other teams should have taken note on how RNG played to try and beat DAMWON in the future.

2. T1 vs. DAMWON KIA - Worlds Semi-Finals

This was one of the most anticipated matchups of the 2021 World Championship. Would Faker be able to retain his crown as the best mid laner, or would ShowMaker forge his own legacy on the back of the unkillable demon king?

It all came together, with everything looking so close and so perfect for T1, only for them to falter in the last moments. It was a nail-biter of a series, exciting and had every League of Legends fan on the edge of their seat.

1. EDG vs. DAMWON KIA - Worlds Finals

Everyone had counted out Edward Gaming. Who were these plebs from China even? A team that has never made it past the quarter-finals has challenged the ultimate League of Legends team? Please, this would be nothing but childs, play, but everyone’s expectations were subverted.

EDG stuck to their plan – the one they’d been following since the beginning of the World Championship playoffs. Get backed into a corner, 2-1 and then Scout along with his jungler JieJie went crazy, overpowering the 2020 World Champions to take home the trophy themselves.