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Let's take a look at this iconic play!

What is the Flame Horizon?

Flame Horizon
This is Flame! | © Riot Games

The Flame Horizon, it’s a term you’ve probably heard before when it comes to League of Legends, right? It is a noun, as well as a verb, but what exactly does it mean to ‘Flame Horizon’ someone and where does it come from?

That’s what we’re going to be taking a look at today. The term Flame Horizon has been around for quite sometime and is related to one of the most iconic players in the top lane.

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What is a Flame Horizon?

A Flame Horizon refers to the act of getting over 100 more CS than your lane opponent. This means if you’re in the top lane or in the mid lane and you get so massively ahead, you create the ‘Flame Horizon’.

That’s also where the term can be used as a verb. To ‘Flame Horizon’ someone means that you’ve basically outplayed the opponents due to the 100 CS difference. So, you can either use the term as a verb, or a title for this epic feat within a game.

Where does the Term Flame Horizon Come From?

The term ‘Flame Horizon’ comes from the top laner Lee ‘Flame’ Ho-Jong who used to play on CJ Entus, Longzhu Gaming, Immortals, FlyQuest and DAMWON. Flame was so good at CS-ing that he would often get 100 CS more than his lane opponents in farm.

Therefore, the term ‘Flame Horizon’ was coined after him and has immortalized him in the League of Legends scene with this term.

Do Other Players Also Have Plays Named After themselves?

There are quite a few iconic plays that are named after legendary players. The MadLife Hook refers to the insane prediction skills MadLife had on champions like Thresh and Blitzcrank, hooking in opponents.

Also, the Scarra Ward refers to Failing to place a ward properly over the Dragon pit wall into tribush.

So there are some amazing plays named after players, but a pros misstep can also be immortalized. Recently, Cloud9 mid laner Luka "Perkz" Perković stated that the act of having Tryndamere ult up and not pressing R should be named ‘the Perkz’... maybe it’ll catch on?

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