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LCS Recap: Playoff MVP's & Results

LCS Recap Playoffs 2021
Playoffs Perkz activated.| © LCS/Riot Games

LCS playoffs are in full swing. Actually it is just 1 more week to go. Playoff Perkz has been unleashed, TSM had a rough time and Team Liquid dominates. Which teams emerged victorious in the end? We have all the results and the MVP's of the series for you.

The weekendof 20th to 22nd of August was once again a rollercoaster of emotions. We really couldn't have wished for more exciting Bo5's. Some of you reading this, probably still can't believe it and just want to verifiy what they had witnissed. Fortunately we can say: that is what happened. Here are the results of the LCS playoffs and the MVP's of the series.

LCS Recap: Playoff MVP's & Results

Cloud9 3 - 0 Evil Geniuses

Despite Danny and EG tried their hardest, they didn't stand a chance. The series felt more like a formality and C9 ended up crushing EG's dreams of playoffs and Worlds in no time.

MVP of the Series between C9 and EG:

  • Who else could it be but Perkz. The newcomer took Jizuke completely out of the game and carried his team to victory despite some unnecessary deaths.

TSM FTX 3 - 1 Immortals

We held big stacks on TSM FTX after their 3-0 sweep against Dignitas. And the NA stars held up to it. Immortals were no big deal it seemed and after a great performance it was clear that it's TSM to advance in the lower bracket. Cloud9 won't have an easy opponent this weekend.

MVP of the Series between TSM and Immortals:

  • SwordArt. The support showed balls like no other. And it payed off with a great double kill in the early game. But see yourselves, what we're talking about:

Team Liquid 3 - 2 100 Thieves

Team Liquid and 100 Thieves went head-to-head in an exciting 5-game match to see who would make it to the LCS finals. TL took the first win but fell behind after two strong games from 100 Thieves. The series was a nail biter for both TL and 100T fans and eventually Liquid managed to take home the W and secured themselves a berth in the 2021 Worlds Group Stage.

MVP of the Series between TL and 100T:

  • Santorin. Imagine coming back and struggling so much and than just swipe all other LCS junglers with an insane KDA. Crazy!

Cloud9 3- 2 TSM FTX

What. A. Series. Unbelievable. Such close calls, back and forth and again, we got to experience the silver scrapes moment. At the end of the day the derby between TSM and C9 ended up with the team of Vulcan, Perkz and co. qualifying for worlds with an overall strong performance. In comparison to 100T and TL we do not think they have a chance, though.

MVP of the Series between C9 and Immortals:

  • Vulcan! The C9 super duo on bot lane looks scary. Here us, head coaches. don't let Thresh open if u face Vulcan!

Playoff schedule - Upcoming LCS Matches

Similar to the LEC, the final will be played next weekend. On 28 August, the playoffs continue with the Lower Final. Whichever team wins will have to play again the next day. So this weekend it's all about the game. For the LCS Summer Split 2021 title and for the safe entry into the group phase of the Worlds 2021.

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