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LEC Recap: Playoff MVP's & Results

LEC playoffs Recap 2021
Playoff MAD activated, G2 era over and Wife Buff for Upset. | © LEC/Riot Games

LEC Playoffs 2021 are in full swing. Actually it is just 1 more week to go. Playoff MAD activated, the G2 era seems to be over Upset's Wife Buff is real. Which teams emerged victorious in the end? We have all the results and the MVP's of the series for you.

The weekendof 20th to 22nd of August was once again a rollercoaster of emotions. We really couldn't have wished for more exciting Bo5's. Some of you reading this, probably still can't believe it and just want to verifiy what they had witnissed. Unfortunately, we have to say: that this is what really happened. Here are the results of the LEC playoffs and the MVP's of the series.

LEC Recap: Playoff MVP's & Results

Fnatic 3- 2 Misfits Gaming

In the first series of the weekend you could really follow the development of Fnatic. The team with Upset, Bwipo and Nisqy is mentally unbreakable, always keeps calm and plays its way to victory. Silver Scrapes seem to be the new comfort zone where Fnatic is unbeatable. But more on that later. Just one thing in advance! It's really difficult to pin down a clear MVP for Fnatic this weekend. Also we feel sorry for Misfits. The boys fought and did well in the summer. We are looking forward to the coming season!

MVP of the Friday Series between Fnatic and Misfits Gaming:

  • Nisqy. Despite Adam got picked on Twitter, Vetheo was non-existent the series due to Niqy´s outstanding performance. Seriously. What are you doing, LEC social media guy!? Not potting Nisqy in the poll?

MAD Lions 3-0 Rogue

Playoffs Lions activated. No team in the LEC is as good at League of Legends as MAD is after 20 months in the game. In contrast to the week before, there was little to be seen of Inspired and Rogue. Of course, we would have liked to see more games. But let's not begrudge the Lions 3-0 after they delivered.

MVP of the Saturday Series between MAD Lions and Rogue:

  • Kaiser. Simply the best support in the LEC. We are curious to see how he and Carzzy will do internationally.

Fnatic 3-2 G2 Esports

The banger series. The derby. the unoffical final everyone wanted to see. Rekkles facing his old team with a seemingly week G2. And indeed... The era of the G2, the incredible, the best team in Europe is apparently over. There was no sign of the fire and spirit from 2019. Fnatic was in the lead in every game without exception, but made some serious mistakes. That's the only reason why G2 managed to win 2 games at all.
Don't get us wrong - the Series was not a bad one, quite the opposite. Fans of both Tems were left to tremble at more Silver Scrapes. But seriously. Where is the G2 from 2019? Where is the attitude that was reflected in the game? Fnatic deserved to win and we wish them the best of luck in the rest of the playoffs and at Worlds 2021!

MVP of the Sunday Series between Fnatic and G2 Esports:

Adam. The rookie who makes it to worlds his debut year. Solo kills in the top lanes, sniping cleavers to finish of Wunder. He was just incredible.

Playoff schedule - Upcoming LEC Matches

Next week it's all up for grabs. For the throne and for the Cup. With Rogue, MAD Lions and Fnatic, three teams are still in the race. Who will start directly in the Group Stage and who will have to fight their way through the play ins? The action continues on 28 August with the Lower Finals between Fnatic and Rogue.

LEC playoff schedule 2021
It is still 1 more weeks to go! | © Riot Games

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