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This is how you can track Faker and his EUW solo queue endeavours.

Track the Pros on EUW

LCK Pro Players on EUW Server
Will we get to play with Faker soon? | © Riot Games

The pros from all over the world are coming to Europe! ShowMaker, Faker, DoinB and many more famous faces will be gracing us with their solo queue skills once more! But how do we know who is who on the EUW server? How do you track them? Don’t worry Riftfeed has you covered.

The 2021 World Championship is taking place in Iceland this year. After a successful event last May with the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational, Riot Games decided to move the event from China back to Iceland and even though European fans are excited, some aren’t as happy. Sorry ShowMaker, you’ll have to deal with EUW solo queue once again.

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How to Track the Pros on the EUW Server?

Tracking your favorite pro players isn’t difficult. You just need a single website and then you’ll be able to see their EUW summoner name, whether they’re even in-game right then and there. So much information is at the tip of your fingers.

But which site is best when trying to track your favorite pro player? One of the best websites to track any pro players is It’s even got everything you want in the title, right?

Using the site is easy. Even your technologically impaired grandmother can figure it out. Seriously, all you have to do is click on your favorite player and boom! All information you want and need is before you.

You get the players' game history and if you scroll you also get to see all of their accounts. Even inactive accounts. That way you’ll know who they are on the EUW server.

What Elo Are Pro Players? Can I Play with Them?

So, if you want to play alongside the pro players you’ll have to be part of the highest tier in League of Legends since they’ll all be up there in Challenger. But, there is a slight chance of meeting them in your own solo queue games.

Since pro players tend to be around Challenger and Grand Master, only a few players will actually play alongside them. But, while teams are bootcamping in Europe, players get a Riot account which is set at Lvl 30 and Diamond I.

If you’re in Diamond or Master tier and know that T1 just arrived in Europe, get grinding on your solo queue games – maybe you’ll get to play alongside Faker or Teddy. For us low elo scrubs those chances are basically 0 so all we can do is go on the League of Legends pro tracker to see whether our favorite player is online and then watch their games.

Hell, maybe we can even catch a stream here and there if some of the players decide to stream as well! That’s how we will get our pro-player solo queue fix this World Championship.

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