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Does Europe have a chance this year? What do you think?

Which teams will make it to the LoL Worlds 2021?

LoL Worlds 2021 Finals in Shenzen
Which teams will make it to the worlds in 2021? | © Riot Games

In most regions of the world, the League playoffs have already started or will start in the coming days. The LCS playoffs had their first round last weekend and the LEC playoffs will start this week. With all this happening, we thought we'd make some bold predictions about who will make it to the 2021 League of Legends World Championship from the big 4 leagues of the world.

As we know, the LPL and LCK will be able to field four teams at the Worlds 2021 thanks to their dominant showing at the 2021 Mid-Season Invitational last May. So which four teams will make it and which three teams from Europe and North America will follow?

Which LEC Teams Qualify For Worlds 2021?

Fnatic LEC Summer Split 2021
The strongest Fnatic roster in history? | © Riot Games

The LEC is full of talent. So many great teams have made it into the summer playoffs that it's hard to make a prediction. Given the second dominant split in a row Rogue have shown, we even see the newcomers in the final against...

Fnatic has also looked insanely good in recent weeks. The guys are fun to watch and the development is clear to see. Led by Nisqy, arguably the best mid laner in the LEC, Fnatic has had a great comeback. Perhaps we are witnessing the best Fnatic roster ever. But does the team hold their nerve in Bo5's?

Third in line has to be G2 Esports, of course. Who else? The Mad Lions' last few matches have been unconvincing and the second half of the Summer Split finally saw G2 looking like the dominant team we've come to know and love. Given the cumulative experience of the roster in terms of playoffs and Worlds, we clearly see G2 at the top of the LEC. Will Rogue secure their title this year, or will crowd favourites Caps, Rekkles and Jankos thwart their plans for the 2021 Worlds?

Which LCS Teams Qualify For Worlds 2021?

Cloud9 2021 Spring LCS
If Perkz doesn't get going soon, it looks bad for Cloud9 | © Riot Games

Let's move on to the weakest of the regions. Yes, we said it. Why? Because it's true. Even though C9 didn't exactly shine in the Bo5 against Team Liquid, we believe that Perkz and Zven will take their team to China. Even if Perkz doesn't deliver anything close to what fans expect, we predict that Cloud9 will be one of the teams to make it to the world stage thanks to the experience of players like Perkz and Zven. Team Liquid will make it without question. These guys don't really have an opponent in NA right now.

TSM also hold good cards in our opinion. If PowerOfEvil and SwordArt continue to lead the team, they definitely have a shot at a ticket. - But whether they make it out of the group is another question.

Which LPL Teams Qualify For Worlds 2021?

FPX 2021
FPX had an incredible split and are hungry for the title! | © Riot Games

Making a prediction for the LPL is by far the hardest. No iG, LGD and JDG in this years playoffs. We hope to see some new teams from China. But a familiar one is definitely there, FPX. The 2019 World Champions are even stronger than ever, with Nuguri, leading the Summer Split table. The world should keep an eye on them. If you've been following the LCK, you know what to expect. We don't want to spread bad vibes, of course. But if FPX performs anything like they have in recent games at Worlds 2021, it doesn't look too good for Europe....

had an incredible spring and summer split. Viper is the MVP of the team and with him EDG can definitely make it to Worlds. In the end they fail FPX, of course.

Top Esports, who dominated last year, are also a dangerous team that we could see again at Worlds. It all depends on Karsa what is not quite optimal. but if one player alone is enough to secure a ticket to the championship, that means something, doesn't it?

The last LPL spot is hard to predict. Either it will go to RNG - who started extremely weak after MSI but managed to find their flow and finish fourth - or it will go to Rare Atom. The teams take nothing at all from each other and have equal strengths and weaknesses, so 4th place is a coin flip.

Which LCK Teams Qualify For Worlds 2021?

The LCK playoffs haven't started yet, but the teams are pretty much set. There has been another shake up of the standings in the last few weeks, but we believe that DAMWON KIA will make it to the 2021 Worlds.

Nongshim RedForce have also performed incredibly well in this split. Led by Peanut, this team is sure to make a splash and we predict they will make it to Worlds 2021 this year - their mid-laner Gori was our Player of the Month for a reason.

Of course, we can't forget T1. The team led by Faker had its difficulties and rather mediocre results. But they are in the playoffs. And if there's one thing T1 won't lose, it's playoffs for tickets to the 2021 Worlds.

The fourth PCK seat will go to either Gen.G or Liiv Sandbox. Gen.G has the more experienced team but has been struggling lately, which could be their undoing. Liiv has been getting better and better in the last few games. Nerves will play a big part, but we believe the young team will fight through and make it to Worlds 2021.

These are our predictions for the 2021 Worlds. Which teams do you think will make it? Write us your opinion on Facebook!

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