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The Worlds final will be a clash of champions

Worlds: EDward Gaming Defeat Gen.G in 5-Game Series

EDG Scout
Scout has led EDG to their best ever performance at Worlds © Riot Games

It took five games, but LPL champions EDward Gaming won their semifinal eat Gen.G and the second Worlds finalist, defeating Gen.G in a five-game series to earn the spot against DWG KIA.

The second semifinal had a tough act to follow after T1 and DWG KIA's five game showdown. However, both the Gen.G and EDward Gaming were storied organizations and had fought hard to get to that point. The LPL champions had faced off against T1 in the group, only falling short after dropping a  game to 100 Thieves and then beat RNG in the playoffs. Gen.G, meanwhile, had survived the four-way tie in their group, coming on top after a win against MAD Lions and dispatching Cloud9 in the quarterfinal.

The first game already showed us this was going to be a back and forth series. EDG had the early lead and threatened soul point, but Gen.G came back after a kill on Park "Viper" Do-hyeon that allowed them to take the first Baron. It came to a showdown at the Elder drake, when the Chinese team pulled a backdoor instead of committing.

Gen.G came back with a vengeance in game 2, surging ahead in gold after a very active early game. EDG tried to trade, but several times they overstepped and got punished. In the end, they rolled the dice at the Baron - only for Gen.G to steal it, ace them and win the game.

The LCK representatives didn't skip a beat as they came out swinging in game 3, using great roams from Gwak "Bdd" Bo-seong to once more secure an early lead. However, EDG managed to delay the game and scale. Their teamfight-focused composition was strong in front-to-back teamfights, but eventually, a flank by Kim "Rascal" Kwang-hee gave Gen.G the crucial fight.

Things looked dark for EDward Gaming, but they rose to the occasion. Three early kills supercharged Lee "Scout" Ye-chan’s Zoe and EDG was in the lead for virtually the entire game. Gen.G secured the early dragons but were routed in a fight for the soul 27 minutes in. EDG took the Baron, rushed the base and tied the series. Cue Silver Scrapes - again.

EDward Gaming came at Gen.G hard in the fifth game, winning several skirmishes. The LCK team looked to have found their fight with a great flank 22 minutes in, but the kills and items on EDG's carries allowed them to survive and turn the fight around. The LPL team was unstoppable and won the game confidently to stamp their finals tickets.

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