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The LPL Summer Champions sent the MSI winners home

Worlds Quarterfinals: EDward Gaming Defeat RNG in All-LPL Match

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The LPL Champions EDward Gaming took down long-time rival and MSI champion Royal Never Give Up in a five-game series for the second quarterfinal spot.

The second quarterfinal at the League of Legend World Championship was also a bout between two teams of the same region - this time China’s EDward Gaming and Royal Never Give Up. It was an impressive year for both teams as RNG took the summer split and the MSI crown, while EDG lifted the LPL cup in the summer. Would the summer champions finally vanquish their foe face to face - something that had long eluded them - or would RNG have the last laugh?

The opening game started well for the MSI champions, who took several clutch kills and managed to keep EDG AD carry Park "Viper" Do-hyeon contained. Good objective control paid off when they got the ocean soul early in the mid-game. EDG were left scrambling and found no way back into the game before an ace 28 minutes in ended their resistance.

When the teams came back, it was to a very bloody early game - but this time, EDward Gaming were coming on top with a solid kill and gold lead. While RNG managed to punish their overextension several times, it was all for nought An early Baron led to a mid inhibitor for the summer LPL champions and they took the win shortly afterwards.

Game three was closer in gold, but EDG remained firmly in control despite RNG’s efforts to shut down Li "Flandre"  Xuan-Jun. They kept the pressure on, using cross-map plays and seldom allowing their opponents an advantageous fight. Zhao "Jiejie" Li-Jie became the hero for stealing the Baron twice and in the end, EDG was victorious.

Royal Never Give Up lived up to their name, however. In the fourth game, they exploded their early game lead with a delayed ace and a turret 12 minutes in. EDG’s attempts to get back in the game were masterfully parried. A 3-0 fight in the enemy jungle 25 minutes in gave RNG the Baron and they used it to break in the enemy base and take us to game 5.

The decider game started with a 2-1 for the MSI champions, but EDG were not going to give up easily. 15 minutes in, a series of plays ended in five kills and a solid gold lead for them. Now firmly behind, RNG were forced to cede objectives and wait for an opportunity, but it never came. Eventually, all it took was a single death for EDward Gaming to storm the base and take the series

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The next quarterfinal takes place on Sunday, October 24th and features LCK champion DWG KIA and LEC champion MAD Lions. Meanwhile, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more LoL news!