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A third LCK team makes the top 4

Worlds Quarterfinals: Gen.G Sweep Cloud9

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With no western team taking a single game in playoffs, the gap is back © Riot Games

The LCK's third seed Gen.G eliminated Cloud9 to take the last semifinal spot in a clean 3-0 sweep. With this, no Western teams remain in the playoffs, while three out of the four LCK teams make the top 4.

After DWG KIA swept MAD Lions, it was time for the last Western team  to make an appearance as Cloud9 took to the stage to fight Gen.G for the last quarterfinal spot. Both teams had had their ups and downs in the group stages and had to go through tiebreakers to make it to playoffs. Cloud9 fought through a group featuring DAMWON to win a three-way tiebreaker for second place. Gen.G did one better and came on top after a four-way tie in group D and defeating Team Liquid and MAD Lions in best of ones.

Cloud9 had a history of overperforming and with the expectations of a clutch factor in Luka "Perkz" Perković, many NA fans were hoping for an upset. Gen.G, meanwhile, had a long reputation for choking under pressure, but many of the players on the team were seen as top tier in the LCK.

Gen.G had the stronger early game in the first round, taking a kill and gold lead as the mid-game started. However, Cloud9's brawling style caught the LCK team off-guard several times, culminating in an ace and a Baron for the NA representatives. Gen.G blunted their offense, however, and methodically took over the map, taking the next two Barons before ending the game.

Things went from bad to worse for C9 in the next game as they were set heavily back in the opening minutes. Gen.G's gold lead was over 5K at the 15-minute mark and kept growing. Seven minutes later, the LCK team aced their opponents and took the Baron, using it to quickly end the game and get to match point.

Cloud9 had to do or die and to their credit, they came back revitalized for game 3, taking the early lead. Their opponents, however, managed to keep the early drakes under control - and as the game went on that proved to be a crucial advantage. Gen.G got a mountain soul and, combined with their good picks from Gwak "Bdd" Bo-seong's Zoe, they never let C9 get the clean fight they needed, eventually securing the victory.

With this win, Gen.G will proceed to the semifinal and face the LPL's last remaining representative, EDward Gaming. The winner of this match will face against DWG KIA or T1, who will fight in the other side of the bracket.

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Worlds continues with the T1 vs DWG KIA semifinal on October 30th. Meanwhile, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date.