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In this 'Quick Gameplay Thoughts', Riot reveal their recent playtesting experiments.

Are Riot Removing Healing and Burst Damage?

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Riot are looking at making some big changes to LoL | © Riot Games

Are you tired of all the healing and burst damage nowadays in League of Legends? You're not alone! Riot recently revealed that they've begun to experiment with flat damage/healing reductions across the board. They revealed their findings in the newest addition of their 'Quick Gameplay Thoughts' blog series yesterday.

Why Does Riot Want to Reduce Healing/Burst Damage?

In the blog, Riot Devs reveal that they see some room for improvement with the amount of healing/damage in the game right now. They're in the process of experimenting with some changes, but nothing is concrete yet. This means that you guys shouldn't get your hopes up for any particular changes.

"We are not promising any particular outcomes."

Moving forward, the post details that the Dev Team are slightly worried about lack of counter-play from burst damage champions such as assassins right now. Riot listed their vague focus for these changes:

"One option we're considering is to reduce damage output under at least a few conditions, most likely in mid-late game against very low defense champions."

This basically means that it would be easier for supports to survive later on in the game. An overall reduction in damage obviously means team-fights will take longer to conclude and subsequently a shift in the meta towards tank champions. Would you advocate for these changes?

Riot's Short Term Plans for LoL in 2022

Healing and Damage Creep weren't the only things covered by Riot Axes in Friday's blog-post. In the article, they took a brief look back at the changes established in Preseason 2022:

'Most of Preseason 2022 seems to have landed well, with the Hextech Drake in good shape and Objective Bounties looking solid after some adjustments. However, we’re still actively monitoring the Chemtech Drake's terrain and Dragon Soul.'

So overall, it seems like Riot is happy with the current state of the game in Preseason - minus the abudance healing and damage. The League of Legends community seems to be split as usual, but some pro players and content creators are especially peeved with how impactful Chemtech Drake/Soul feels. A tweet from Pro Player 'Treatz' revealed some shocking data:

Obviously, this tweet is a little old. However, not many fundamental changes have been made to the Chemtech Drake since then. Riot mentioned that they are monitoring this drake in particular to see if they need to nerf it more.