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Yet again, CoreJJ is trying to reinvigorate NA talent by hosting inhouse games

CoreJJ Sponsored LLA vs NA In-House Tourney [RECAP]

CoreJJ In-House Tournament Announcement
CoreJJ holds more inhouses ahead of 2022 LCS Season

Just a week after the success of CoreJJ's first ever NA in-house tournament, CoreJJ sponsored another one. This time, it was a team full of LAN players facing off against NA LCS Rookie and Academy Players.

Unfortunately for LLA fans, the Academy Team dismantled their team in 4 games. This meant that the Day 3 Bo5 with LCS Pros never happened on Sunday Night, since they were unable to move forward in the gauntlet challenge.

[Updated 12/6/2021]

CoreJJ Tournament: LLA vs NA Rookies

The weekend began with a match between some upcoming North American players and established Latin American players. Thanks to a reddit thread made yesterday, we learned about the roster for both squads.

LLA Roster

  • Straight
  • Gell
  • Leza
  • Gavotto
  • Baula

This group of professional players from the LLA competed in both BO5 matches throughout the weekend, but couldn't quite make it to Day 3.

NA Rookies Roster

  • Concept (Immortals Academy Top Laner
  • Gryffin (15 Year Old Challenger JG)
  • Shochi (19 Year Old Challenger Mid Laner)
  • Instinct (TSM Academy ADC)
  • Donbray (TSM Amateur Support)

CoreJJ Tournament: LLA vs NA Rookies Recap

In the Bo5, the NA rookies put up a great effort. They took the series to 5 games and almost managed to pull out a win off of the back of Concept's Garen in game 5.

It was crazy to watch a Garen with 300+ CS run down the opposing team. However, the game ended with an exciting teamfight where Gavotto's Aphelios was too strong!

CoreJJ Tournament: LLA vs NA Academy

The NA Academy Roster was revealed just before the match took place. It included some well known Academy/Past LCS players, such as Dhokla, Rjs and Diamond. 

NA Academy Roster

  • Dhokla (CLG Academy Top Laner)
  • Armao (Team Liquid Academy JG)
  • Rjs (Previous CLG Mid Laner)
  • Yeon (Team Liquid Academy ADC)
  • Diamond (Flyquest Support)

CoreJJ Tournament: LLA vs NA Academy Recap

Unfortunately for the LLA representatives, this series fizzled out at 4 games with the NA Academy team taking the Bo5. After the games CoreJJ tweeted out the MVPs/Aces for the series:

The LAN roster still put on quite a show for the fans, and it was exciting to watch the two rosters battle it out on the rift for regional pride!

CoreJJ Tournament: LLA vs NA LCS

NA LCS Roster

As mentioned before, this match never took place. Therefore, we never learned of the roster that was planned for the LCS representatives. It's likely CoreJJ himself would have participated, but now we'll never know.

Hopefully CoreJJ will sponsor more of these events in the future, so we can see more high level in-houses featuring upcoming NA talent.