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Oooopsie.... the roster got leaked!

DAMWON KIA 2022 Roster Leaked

The roster has been leaked! | © Riot Games

The 2022 Roster for DAMWON KIA has leaked ahead of the official announcement. How did it come to this and who is to blame? We'll take a look at the announcement right now. 

A streamer and former LCK pro has accidentally leaked the official roster for DAMWON KIA ahead of time. During a stream, he accidentally misspoke and revealed everything to the public. 

More info on the 2021 off-season:

Bot-Lane Rumors Are True 

There have been rumors floating around that DAMWON KIA have picked up Deokdam and Kellin ahead of the 2022 LCK spring split to complete their roster. 

BerryL is a free agent and hasn't made any moves to re-sign with the squad – many thinking he is going to enlist in the military like their top laner Khan. Ghost, the team's ADC also found a new home in Nongshim after some drama between the DAMWON and NS RedForce. 

So, now without any bot lane, what was DAMWON KIA to do? Well, there were already rumors of Deokdam and Kellin joining and these have been confirmed by streamer, and former LCK pro Nuclear. 

During a stream, he was asked bout the bot lane situation of DAMWON KIA and he stated "Bottom? You already have the official. Deok-Kel." These translations come from Twitter user @HyunJaeLee6

Canyon Stays

Nuclear also confirmed that Canyon is going to be staying with DAMWON KIA, but this was already common knowledge for any DAMWON KIA fan since his signing was already announced. 

Whether ShowMaker stays is yet to be determined. DAMWON KIA wanted to make an official roster announcement on December 1, 2021. Whether they'll announce their bot lane earlier after these leaks is still unknown.