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Five games, a near reverse sweep, great story and some awesome League of Legends

EU Masters: Fnatic Rising Reach Final after 3-2 against Misfits Premier


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NLC's last hope Fnatic Rising has scored another upset, defeating LFL Champions Misfits Premier in a five-game series. MSFP nearly managed to reverse sweep their opponents, but in game 5 Fnatic Rising stood firm.

The second EU Masters semifinal saw the last representative of the NLC - Fnatic Rising - take on the winner of the LFL summer season Misfits Premier. While FNCR came into this bout as the underdogs, they had already scored an upset win against the Superliga's Movistar Riders in the Quarterfinals. Misfits, meanwhile, were eager to reach the final to meet their old rivals Karmine Corp. First finals for Fnatic or LFL dominance - what would we see? 

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The first game started with an exchange of blows. Misfits elected to focus in the top lane, putting Mahdi "Pride" Nasserzadeh at 0/3 11 minutes in and building an early lead. However, Fnatic Rising stayed close and did not allow their opponents to get the Baron and accelerate. 23 minutes in, a catch on Daniel "Sertuss" Gamani gave Fnatic three kills and a Baron. The NLC finalists took over the game and deservedly took the first win.

Fnatic Rising were here to play and they showed in in the second game. A poorly executed tower dive by Misfits Premier fed FNCR several early kills, shattering any hopes for early dominance. Louis "Bean" Schmitz’s Varus got fed early and played a key role in several skirmishes that went the way of his team. However, it was his mid and top laner that starred in the decisive fight 26 minutes in, decimating MSFP and ensuring a Baron and cloud soul. The LFL champions had nothing else in the tank and had to concede another loss.

Now two games down, Misfits Premier had to aim for a reverse sweep - and after an early skirmish went 3-1 for Fnatic Premier, they seemed to be doomed. However, the LFL champion finally showed the aggression that fans had expected of them and won several teamfights. This time, it was Fnatic Rising who had to look for a clutch fight, but MSFP gave them no chance. 31 minutes in, the French team secured the Baron and with it, they smashed through the FNCR defenses to begin their comeback.

The fourth game gave us a very even early game with few kills but plenty of tension. Misfits Premier focused on the bot lane, where AD Carry Paweł "Woolite" Pruski was on point with Jinx. Fnatic Rising, meanwhile, put their trust on Pride’s Gangplank, who also had a great star. The teams were neck and neck until a big teamfight 20 minutes in. Misfits Premier won it and took their third drake and the Baron. Eventually, they added an ocean soul to their collection of buffs. This proved too much for the NLC representatives and we got to a final decider game.

It was now do or die for both teams. Fnatic Rising fans felt a chill down their spine when Sertuss got first blood on Leblanc, but their team soon replied.Two kills top and an extended tower dive in the bot lane put the NLC team in the lead. The UK squad did not sit on their laurels, pushing Misfits Premier back and winning several important fights, eventually taking the Baron after a 3-1 23 minutes in. They already had a big lead 30 minutes in, where a 3-0 broke Misfits’ resistance and ensured that Fnatic Rising would finally see their first EU Masters finals.

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With Karmine Corp's win in the other semifinal, we will have a repeat of the LFL vs NLC clash from the Spring Split on Sunday. Meanwhile, you can ensure you are up to date by following us on Facebook and Twitter.