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He played a big part of Fnatics rise in the european scene

Ex-Fnatic pro Febiven Retires From LoL Stage

Febiven at Worlds 2015
Thanks for all the clutch plays, Febi! |© Riot Games

It´s that time of the year again, folks. Not just a lot of roster changes going on, but also some beloved pro players step out of the ramp lights forever. Fabian Deepstratten, better known as “Febiven” has announced his retirement from pro League of Legends play. He was part of the miraculous 18-0 split which led Fnatic directly to the Worlds semifinals in 2015.

His first year with Fnatic was the most exciting one at the same time. After being part of the Cloud9 Eclipse Roster – the European version of the NA organization, Febiven replaced Enrique "xPeke" Cedeño Martínez at Fnatic in 2015.

In case you don´t notice xPeke, we will help you out real quick 

As you can see, Febiven had to fill quite some shoes. But let me tell you, he stood up to it! His rookie EU LCS (now LEC) debut year was insane! The dutch mid laner managed to play a perfect 18-0 split of League. He owed this incredible run in no small part to his wide champion pool and his famous performances on Orianna, Azir and Syndra. At Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) we even got to admire his assassin skills, when he solokilled LoL superstar Faker in lane with ease. 

Ex-Fnatic pro Febiven Retires From LoL Stage

After finishing the 18-0 Split undefeated, all that was left was to win the play offs as well. Fnatic and Origen had a bloody brawl back then but Febiven managed to win the Final with a close 3-2. His ticket to the World Championship was secured. He fought his way through to the semi finals, where Fnatic eventually lost to the KOO Tigers. 

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Due to the fact, that roster changes and retirements not just happen since 2021, Fnatic dropped 3 players back then. Febiven himself tried out multiple teams to succeed again. He went to H2K in 2017, Clutch Gaming in 2018, Misfits Gaming in 2019 and just recently had joined the NCL Regional League. And now the journey came to an end.

We wish you all the best for your future. GG Febi, thank you for everything!

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