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Obtain Free Skins During Arcane x Riot Event

Arcane Jayce
This is one of the skins you can get for free! | © Riot Games

Riot is thanking fans and releasing free skins for everyone to obtain. In the Arcane x Riot Event, players will be able to get multiple skins completely free of charge. How and which skins we’ll let you know right here!

In celebration of Arcane, the upcoming League of Legends and Netflix series, Riot is going all out. A collaboration with PUBG mobile is in the works, as well as a rumored collab with Fortnite. All Games developped by Riot have some form of Arcane theme going this month as well.

So, what is happening in League of Legends? Well, we’re getting some freebies of course.

What Watch Rewards Can You Get?

For those of you who are planning to watch Arcane on November 6, 2021, make sure you tune in on Twitch – with your Twitch account linked to your Riot Account. That way you can get a free Arcane capsule!

So make sure you watch Arcane over Twitch on the official Riot Twitch, or by watching with your favorite streamer who is co-streaming the event.

How Do You Link Your Twitch Account to Your Riot Account?

This is easy. You have to follow these steps below and you'll be good to go to receive all the watch rewards you dream of: 

  1. Sign in to both your Riot and Twitch account.
  2. On Twitch, click your profile in the top-right.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. Go to Connections.
  5. Find Riot Games and click Connect.
  6. Authorize the connection.

What In-Game Rewards Can You Get?

So by completing missions you’ll be able to get some pretty neat rewards during the Arcane event. Riot is giving away four skins! Yes, you read that right, not one, not two, but four skins will be given out for free in celebration of Arcane!

Which Free Arcane Skins Can You Get?

You can get four skins for these champions:

  • Arcane Jayce
  • Arcane Vi
  • Arcane Caitlyn
  • Arcane Jinx

What Missions must you complete to get the free Arcane Skins?

The missions are easy to complete. All four skins can be obtained by either winning 1 game or by playing 3 games – if you’re having a bad day. So you really don’t need to put in much effort to get these skins. Unlike the Unbound Thresh skin where you had to pay up all your hard-earned tokens.

When Can You Get the Free Arcane Skins?

So each champion has a different start date to earn the free skins. Jayce will be the first champion whose skin you can obtain, followed by Vi, Caitlyn and finally Jinx.

  • Arcane Jayce: Nov 8, 8:00 AM PT - Dec 9, 12:59 PM PT
  • Arcane Vi: Nov 15, 8:00 AM PT - Dec 9, 12:59 PM PT
  • Arcane Caitlyn: Nov 22, 8:00 AM PT - Dec 9, 12:59 PM PT
  • Arcane Jinx: Nov 24, 8:00 AM PT - Dec 9, 12:59 PM PT

If you’re unable to get these skins they’ll be made available in the Riot store where they can be purchased for 945 RP as of December 9, 2021.

These are all the free rewards you can get along with much more during the Arcane x Riot event. Enjoy the show and celebrate how far our favorite MOBA has come in 12 years!