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Is this true?

G2 and C9 Blocked Perkz from Joining Fnatic?

Perkz and G2
Did Perkz have less options due to his contract? | © Riot Games/Pablo Mata via Artstation

Dotesports reports have come to light which state that the 2020 buyout of Perkz to Cloud9 might have involved some unethical no-trade clauses. How much of these reports are true and what is going to happen to Perkz this off-season?

The 2021 off-season hasn’t even kicked off yet, but it’s already dramatic as hell. Bjergsen making his comeback – with TL maybe – and Doublelift also looking for another team. The rumors surrounding Perkz and Vitality are also crazy.

Now reports by Dotesports have revealed that in the 2020 buyout agreement between both G2 and C9, a no-trade clause lasting until 2023 was added to prevent the star mid laner from going to Fnatic within those years.

How Has Riot Reacted?

According to the reports, the LCS had signed off on the contract last year in November of 2020. The clause preventing Perkz from going to Fnatic in the foreseeable future was deemed ethical and the contract was left as-is.

Since then, Fnatic has gone to the LEC office and Riot Global for complaint. Riot’s Global office did not believe that the clause within the contract constricted Perkz options ahead of the 2022 season.

The LCS Players Association has since spoken out and stated that they will also conduct their own investigation into the matter to assess whether this clause is unethical or illegal. 

According to Dotesports, similar clauses will not be allowed in future contracts of the LEC and LCS as well. 

Ocelote Speaks Out

Ocelote, CEO of G2, has spoken out against Dotesports reporter Jacob Wolf who broke the story. In a public tweet, Ocelote explained that the clause was added into the contract to prevent C9 from selling Perkz to Fnatic a day after. He stated that this type of clause is usual in contracts like this.

Read his full statement below:

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