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G2.Bjergsen soon?

G2 Esports Prepares for 2022 Rebuild [UPDATE]

G2 Esports 2021 Roster
What will G2 look like in 2022? | © Riot Games & LEC

Fresh off of a disappointing finish to their season with a star studded roster, G2 Esports is making huge moves for 2022.

Just a week or so after social media erupted with rumors surrounding the star ADC for G2 Esports, Rekkles; Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez made a twitter post delivering shocking news for next season. In the video, the CEO and Founder of G2 breaks down some monumental news regarding the roster for 2022.

Who is leaving for the G2 2022 Rebuild?

G2 fans can’t catch a break in the 2021 off-season. First watching their team fail to qualify for Worlds 2021, then trying to make sense of all the Rekkles drama. Now they have even more on their hands, as it looks like a full rebuild is imminent. Carlos 'ocelote' Rodriguez delivered this brutal news to fans in his update video.

“...we have decided to bench and look to trade Wunder, Mikyx, Rekkles, Grabbz, and Nelson, and look to also replace the rest of the support staff.”

The CEO sympathized with the fans in his update “These changes are very, very tough to make, and trust me when I say we’ve spent hours… upon hours of discussing internally with the players that stay within the organization,”

Carlos later added that “everything we have done since the inception of G2 and everything we are doing now is to win Worlds.”

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Why is G2 Rebuilding in 2022?

Historically, G2 has been a very competitive organization. They have been the main leader and representative for the LEC since 2018, with players like Rekkles and Wunder being a huge part of that success. However, the org feels that they need to make changes now - given their recent failure to attend Worlds 2021.

Ocelote reminded fans of G2 Esports' goals as an organization multiple times in his update. This team won't settle for failure, they have their sights set on a Worlds title. The question remains - who will G2 acquire as part of their 2022 rebuild?

Who will G2 Esports sign for the 2022 LEC Season?

In our article covering the news around Rekkles' departure, we noted that Bjergsen plans to return to play. Could G2 Esports send Caps back to bot lane and pick up Bjergsen for mid? It's not entirely out of the question, but we have to wonder!

Rodriguez wouldn't divulge much information regarding plans for the new roster, but did add that the rebuild was "very exciting".

What Now for Removed G2 Players and Staff in 2022?

Dedicated G2 fans might have concerns about their favorite players in the upcoming off-season. Ocelote has been known to limit player movement to rival teams in the LEC specifically. The Founder had this to say on the issue.

“We will not be blocking any trades. Simple as that.”

Luckily for G2 fans, Jankos and Caps aren’t going anywhere. The star Jungler and Mid laner respectively are signed til at least the end of next season. But this must lead fans to wonder…what happens then? One thing is for sure, the golden days of G2 appear to be over and something new is coming.

Romain Bigeards as new G2 Manager

According to sources from dotesports, former LEC Business Development Manager and on-stage talent Romain Bigeard will be returning to his original position of team manager, this time with G2. 

Will Bigeard, along with the former Riot Games’ Head of Partnerships in EMEA, Albain Dechelotte, be able to rebuild G2 basically from the ground up ahead of the 2022 season?

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