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Golden Guardians Announce 2022 Academy Roster

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Golden Guardians are back for 2022 with some promising rookies! | © Riot Games

Golden Guardians lifted the veil on their 2022 roster for Academy on Monday night. They now have a fantastic roster to support their LCS team. Will 2022 finally be the year of GG?

Golden Guardians 2022 Academy Roster

Several pieces of this roster are looking incredibly promising. Most notably, Violet. He was last seen playing for PEACE at Worlds 2021, unfortunately getting knocked out by Cloud9 in the Play-In Finals.

  • TonyTop
  • Iconic
  • Ryoma
  • Violet
  • Chime

This roster has a good mix of rookie and veteran players. Iconic has some experience playing in the LCS, as does Ryoma. Unfortunately, these two didn't have a ton of success in their previous situations. TonyTop is fresh out of Evil Geniuses Academy with a lot to prove.

Why should fans be excited about Golden Guardians in 2022?

It can be hard for LCS teams that don't consistently place top 4 every split to generate hype for their rosters. However, sometimes they can acquire exciting upcoming talent, which is exactly what happened for Golden Guardians with their Academy Bot Lane Duo

Theoretically, Golden Guardians have depth to pull from with this roster backing their LCS team. Violet, an ADC from Hong Kong stood out for his outstanding performance last Worlds. Now he may have an opportunity to graduate to the Golden Guardians LCS roster.

His support duo, Chime, has been around the NA scene for some time. Hopefully these two will mix well and bring life to an organization that hasn't had a good past few years.

It's worthy of note that the LCS/Academy/Amateur Scenes will be massively different this year following some changes to the overall format.