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Could have bought a small car already? Yup, we feels the same...

How Much Money Did I Spend on LoL?

Lux Yasuo Champion Skins League of Legends
These two skins by themselves are worth near 50€. | © Riot Games

League of Legends is actually a free to play game. However, almost all of us know that our wallets get emptier little by little. With so many beautiful skins, how can you avoid spending real money, right? In this article, we show you how much money you have already invested in League of Legends - or rather skins.

When you play a few rounds of League of Legends and all the players with cool pool party and project skins are running around you, you quickly become jealous! No one wants to be the poor sod with the vanilla version of the champion. Neither in loading screen nor in game. For example, I haven't seen a Lux without a skin for years...- no wonder with the wide selection plus the ultimate skin.

So for all of you wondering where your retirement savings have gone, we have found the culprit here. But only click on the link if you can handle the truth, because it will probably be more than you expect. But cheer up! The higher the amount, the more beautiful skins you own at least, right? right!?

How much money did I spend on LoL?

Follow this link to get directly to the League of Legends support page.

  • Just log in with your Riot Games account
  • Then simply click on "show me the money"

Then Riot Games will show you how much money you have invested in their company. Certainly won't get a return there...but hey cool skins for you to play with are as good as... nope, not even trying.

How much money did I spend on LoL?
I guess quite a few of you can beat that amount, don´t you? | © Riot Games

I for one, am happy not to be in the four figures yet. How does it look for you?

Pretty skins alone won´t make you good at the game. Better go and watch some Riftfeed Guides!

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