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Fnatic Rising almost deliver a stunning reverse sweep

EU Masters: 3-2 Victory and Back-to-Back Titles for Karmine Corp!

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It was not an easy fight, but the victory was so much sweeter. © Riot Games

In a historic final, Karmine Corp are the first team to defend their title in EU Masters history. Fnatic Rising fought hard for the honor of the NLC region and almost managed to reverse sweep them after losing the first two games. When the decisive game five came, however, the LFL representatives stood firm.

Of the 24 teams that entered the EU Masters over a month ago, only the two best remain. Spring champions Karmine Corp may have lost the LFL final, but they proved the better team in this tournament, topping its group and dispatching UCAM Esports Team and Berlin International Gaming on the way to the final. NLC finalists Fnatic Rising, meanwhile, fought their way through the play-in and took second place in a group with BIG and Illuminar Gaming. However, FNCR shone in the playoffs with upset wins against Movistar Riders and Misfits Premier. They would once more come as underdogs into the final - could they secure the win again?

Game 1: Karmine Corp 1-0 Fnatic Rising

The two teams went at it from the opening minutes of the series. However, Fnatic Rising's aggression bore fruit and the team won several of the early fights, getting an early gold lead. However, as the game went on they overreached several times and this gave KC a chance to get key picks and keep the gold relatively close. Still, 26 minutes in Fnatic Rising got two kills and went for the Baron. This is when KC showed just why they are teamfighting masters as Lucas "Saken" Fayard led his squad for a 3v5 ace. In their desperation, the UK team tried to find a pick a minute later only to get aced and see their Nexus go down.

Game 2: Karmine Corp 2-0 Fnatic Rising

After throwing the previous game, Fnatic Rising started the second a lot more careful. Despite losing the first fight, they once more maintained good dragon control and a 3-1 in their favor allowed them to get the third drake just 18 minutes in. Yet once more, aggression would be their downfall 22 minutes in, when an attempted pick on Raphaël "Targamas" Crabbé ended in KC securing four kills and the Baron. Once more, the UK squad was in the ropes - and when they secured the infernal soul only to lose four, their base was open for the  taking.

Game 3: Karmine Corp 2-1 Fnatic Rising

It was do or die for the NLC representatives and they did not crumble under the pressure. While KC got first blood, Fnatic Rising kept the gold even and even came out ahead after getting two kills and a dragon 11 minutes into the game. This time, they allowed no mistakes, showing they could more than match their opponents in teamfights. K-Corp fell further and further behind in gold and items, until not even a good flank by Lucas "Cabochard"  Simon-Meslet could save them 28 minutes in. With four kills and plenty of time on the death timers, Fnatic Rising pushed in and took their first win of the series.

Game 4: Karmine Corp 2-2 Fnatic Rising

The UK came after their opponents in the fourth game, using the first Herald and a very well executed tower dive to take control of the game from the first 10 minutes. Karmine Corp were not on the same page in the teamfights  and it cost them dearly 17 minutes in, when a botched engage let Fnatic Rising get four kills. Some 10 minutes later, support Rúben "rhuckz" Barbosa on Rell got a clutch engage for his team that let them win the teamfight and a Baron. With it, they pressed their lead and sent the series to a game five. Time for Silver Scrapes.

Game 5: Karmine Corp 3-2 Fnatic Rising

The pressure was on - and when an early gank gave Fnatic Rising two early kills, K-corp had to be feeling it. Yet the French team stood firm and instead focused their attention on shutting down Louis "Bean" Schmitz's Aphelios. The FNCR AD Carry was not having a good time, having to watch a grey screen four times in just the first 13 minutes. It was as if KC had never missed a beat from game 2 - they dominated the map, giving their opponents no chance to breathe. A great engage 20 minutes in ended with a 4-0 for the LFL finalist and they wasted no time to end the game and close out the series.

Congratulations to Karmine Corp for their second EU Masters title!

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