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Our first five-game series delivered on the drama

EU Masters: Karmine Corp Beat Berlin International Gaming 3-2 in First Semifinal

They wanted it, we wanted it, we got it - two of the best EU Masters teams giving us five games! © Riot Games

After breezing through their quarterfinals with 3-0, the Prime League's Berlin International Gaming and LFL's Karmine Corp met face to face. The series would go the distance, but a great game 5 saw KC take it 3-2 and advance to the finals to defend its spring title.

Of the four teams that advanced from the EU Masters, Karmine Corp and Berlin International Gaming were probably the two most hyped. KC are the reigning champions after winning the spring tournament. BIG, meanwhile, lifted the trophy in 2019 but are the champions of the traditinally strong DACH region. Both teams only dropped one game each in the groups before winning their quarterfinal 3-0. Fans were salivating at the thought of seeing them face each other - and the teams did not disappoint!

Karmine Corps started the first game stronger and put BIG on the defensive - something the German team was not used to dealing with. However, BIG adapted and managed to keep in the game with several key picks and great control over the early dragons. Any doubts about their teamfight prowess were dispelled in a big confrontation around the dragon 24 minutes in. BIG kept their carry Tim "Keduii" Willers alive and aced their opponents, getting a cloud soul and a Baron as bonus. Karmine Corps were unable to defend themselves against the onslaught and their defense crumbled shortly after. A good start for the DACH champions - but could they keep the pressure up?

The answer, as it turns out, was no. BIG managed to get first blood in the second game, but from then on it was all Karmine Corp. The LFL team got the best of their opponents in several skirmishes and landed the decisive blow 23 minutes later, taking three kills and the Baron. BIG’s early game focus mean they just didn’t have enough firepower when fighting from behind. It took KC some 30 minutes to finish the game, but the outcome was clear long before then.

After the first two blowouts, the third game promised to be quite even. Both teams had their small wins, but neither managed to get a big lead for some twenty minutes. BIG looked on the cusp of taking over when they killed the enemy mid laner, but they clumped up - and a great layering of damage from Matthew Charles "xMatty" Coombs’s Ezreal turned the fight around. Karmine Corp got four kills and a Baron and they never looked back. They aced BIG when the German team tried to get the infernal soul, got a second Baron after the first expired and with it, pushed forward to get to match point.

It was do or die for BIG and to their credit, they fought on. Several early kills let them open up a lead and they kept it as the mid-game started. Yet KC were not out and almost turned the game on its head 25 minutes in, when they disengaged from Dawid "Melonik" Ślęczka’s Kennen, got four kills and secured the Baron. It looked like they would take the game, too, but Keduii’s Tristana saved the game, leading a big teamfight win that let his team rush the enemy base and win.

However, this was as far as BIG could go. In the decisive game, KC were on point and punished the German team mercilessly throughout the early game. Raphaël "Targamas" Crabbé on Thresh and Jakub "Cinkrof" Rokicki on Jarvan were both on point and led the team to dominate the early fights. BIG tried to fight back, but by then the item difference was too much. KC were ahead all game and 26 minutes in, a single kill was all it took for them to push in the enemy base and secure the win.

  • Meanwhile, the new Jarvan skin looks set for a champion!

With this victory, KC proceed to the final, where they will defend their spring title. 

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