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We compiled a list of confirmed rosters for each LCS team heading into the 2022 Spring Split

LCS Roster Tracker for 2021 Off-Season [UPDATE]

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It's been a crazy off season for far leading up to the 2022 LCS Season. Don't worry if you missed some of the action since the transfer window opened up last week, we organized all of the confirmed players and rosters for each LCS team heading into Spring Split.

The LCS Lock-In Tournament for 2022 is set to kick off on January 14th, 2022.

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[Updated 12/3/2021]

100 Thieves 2022 Roster - Confirmed

What to say about this roster? They finished 1st in the LCS Summer Split 2021 Playoffs, only to fail with escaping Group B at Worlds 2021. They elected to not make any major changes over the off season, with the exception of announcing a 6 man roster. This is because Tenacity has been semi-promoted to the LCS roster to compete for the position of Top Lane with veteran Ssumday.

  • Top - Ssumday/Tenacity
  • Jungle - Closer
  • Mid - Abbedagge
  • ADC - FBI
  • Support - Huhi

We can expect this roster to perform at a high level in the LCS for 2022, likely placing at least 4th in Spring Split. Anything else is a failure for 100 Thieves at this point.

Cloud9 2022 Roster - Confirmed

LS fans are gonna have to get used to hearing 'Fudge Factor' even more in 2022, as the Australian native is in the midst of a huge role swap. Cloud9 made a lot of moves this off-season, picking up Summit from SANDBOX Gaming is definitely one of them. Berserker is one of the bigger ones, heading to C9 as a total rookie after spending some time on T1 Challengers in Korea's talent development division: LCK Challengers League. C9 confirmed this roster on November 20th.

  • Top - Summit
  • Jungle - blaber
  • Mid - Fudge
  • ADC - Berserker
  • Support - Winsome/Isles

Truthfully, there are a lot of unknowns for this roster headed into the next season. Fans should hunker down and hope for the best, maybe Fudge will smurf in Mid Lane? Either way, it should make for an entertaining Spring Split. 

Counter Logic Gaming 2022 Roster - Confirmed

CLG 2022 Roster
CLG's 2022 Roster Announcement | © CLG

Last week, CLG announced their completely revamped roster for 2022. Some of the notable pickups here include Contractz and Palafox, who both looked like promising players last season. Many fans were upset that Contractz wasn't given more opportunities on Evil Geniuses until the latter half of the season. That shouldn't be an issue here in the slightest, the real question is if this young roster can mesh well and perform.

  • Top - Jenkins
  • Jungle - Contractz
  • Mid - Palafox
  • ADC - Luger
  • Support - Poome

Dignitas 2022 Roster - 4/5 Confirmed

Dignitas are fresh off of a roller-coaster of a year, facing the task of a big rebuild. Their last roster was built around Dardoch and Aphromoo who both have left the org. They're expected to sign Blue in addition to River, making this one of the most confusing and exciting rosters to look at for 2022. 

  • Top - FakeGod
  • Jungle - River
  • Mid - Blue (?)
  • ADC - Neo
  • Support - Biofrost

Blue would be a really odd pickup, given that he wasn't impressive to say the least in the LEC. However, Biofrost is the largest question mark here. He's returning to the LCS after a bit of time off. Can he perform and make Neo look as good as Aphromoo did?

Evil Geniuses 2022 Roster - 3/5 Confirmed

Evil Geniuses had a fairly successful 2021, but they're hungry for more. An organization with such a rich history should be aiming for titles, not just moderate success. As a result, they've made some very competitive moves in the 2021 off-season. Most notably, the signing of Inspired from Rogue. Jojopyun has been touted as the best upcoming mid laner in North America, he'll have a lot to learn and even more to prove in his first season of LCS.

  • Top - Impact
  • Jungle - Inspired
  • Mid - Jojopyun
  • ADC - Danny
  • Support - Vulcan

We're still waiting on official confirmation that Impact will stay as EG's top laner, but it's highly likely. It also feels impossible that EG wouldn't keep Danny as their starting ADC for 2022, given his success last season. What do you think about this roster? Worlds contenders or bust?

FlyQuest 2022 Roster - Confirmed

This roster was just recently fully revealed on December 2nd with a tweet from the Flyquest account. Fans seem to be apprehensive regarding the future of this roster, but overall excited for another season of LCS.

It was a rough 2021 for Flyquest to say the least. This organization really struggled, however they've made some promising decisions this off-season. The most exciting one to think about is reuniting Aphromoo with Johnsun, who hasn't looked the same since the two were split up last year. Can Aphro boost Johnsun into competing with other LCS bot lanes again? We'll have to find out!

  • Top - Kumo
  • Jungle - Josedeodo
  • Mid - toucouille
  • ADC - Johnsun
  • Support - Aphromoo

We almost forgot to mention toucouille!  This french rookie is one of many EU imports headed to NA ahead of the 2022 season and Flyquest fans should be excited. Toucouille absolutely dominated the LFL last year, earning the MVP award for Spring Split as well as being appointed to several 'Dream Team's throughout the year. If he can continue to learn and grow, toucouille may be the next Bjergsen.

Golden Guardians 2022 Roster - Confirmed

Golden Guardians announced their ambitious new roster for 2022 earlier this week. We have a lot of mixed feelings on it, but we're hoping this roster can perform in a big way. We'd love to see Olleh come back and dominate with Lost, the potential is certainly there.

  • Top - Licorice
  • Jungle - Pridestalker
  • Mid - Ablazeolive
  • ADC - Lost
  • Support - Olleh

Another huge pickup here is Pridestalker. He's an (you guessed it) EU import Rookie Jungler that could make waves in the LCS. We're super excited to watch his career progress in North America, putting Golden Guardians back on the map would be a major accomplishment.

Immortals 2022 Roster - Confirmed

Are Immortals going to be good in 2022? It certainly looks that way after seeing their new roster. We're just happy that Wildturtle escaped CLG honestly, his smile is back! PowerOfEvil is a huge pickup for this team, we're hoping he returns to form a little bit after an underwhelming season on TSM.

  • Top - Revenge
  • Jungle - Xerxe
  • Mid - PowerOfEvil (POE)
  • ADC - Wildturtle
  • Support - Destiny

Immortals has been gambling with rookies for a few years, taking risks in favor of player development. This strategy hasn't worked out horribly for them, but they're now ready to spend money and compete in the LCS. Hopefully fans can see more of Revenge on Tahm Kench in 2022, but we'll be happy to watch this roster perform either way!

Team Liquid 2022 Roster - Confirmed

Everyone has been talking about Team Liquid during this off-season. Some major rumors were just confirmed as of 11/23/2021 when Team Liquid announced the signing of Hans Sama and accidentally leaked a video announcing Bjergsen.

  • Top - Bwipo
  • Jungle - Santorin
  • Mid - Bjergsen
  • ADC - Hans Sama
  • Support - Corejj

This roster is so insanely talented, it's absolutely ridiculous. Every other org has to be freaking out over how Team Liquid managed to grab Bwipo, Hans Sama and Bjergsen? Good luck to everyone else. This is the roster to defeat if you want to win the LCS in 2022.

TSM 2022 Roster - 3/5 Confirmed

TSM has had a rough off-season what with all of the Regi/Doublelift Drama. It's been confirmed that Bjergsen is returning as a player this year, but they weren't able to convince him to stay at TSM. We're still awaiting details on the last pieces to fill out TSM's roster as of December 3rd, hopefully they will reveal their players soon!

  • Top - Huni
  • Jungle - Spica
  • Mid - ?
  • ADC - Tactical
  • Support - Ignar or Life (?)

The signing of Tactical might work out in a huge way for TSM. However, it depends upon what support they can get. Tactical/Ignar could be one of the best aggressive LCS bot lanes, but we still have no clue who TSM is planning to sign.

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