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Your favorite Riot Game is down and all because of Bezos

League of Legends Down due to AWS Crash

League of Legends Down
We can't log in! | © Riot Games

League of Legends might be down right now for you. Why? How and everything surrounding the crash is going to be looked at in this article. We blame Bezos and Amazon though. 

Before you take your computer and whip it out the window or punch your modem, take a deep breath and read this article. Time to stay calm... deep breaths. Alright so here is why League of Legends isn't working right now: AWS is down. 

What is AWS? 

AWS stands for Amazon Web Services, and while you think Bezos has made a fortune off you buying stuff off his website, then you're only partially right. The big bucks for Amazon come from their web services. 

Basically, Amazon provides servers for games, websites and companies all around the world and well right now those server spaces aren't connecting and working. At least right now while writing this article they aren't working, but you can always check the status of your favorite games right here on downdetector

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While waiting for League to be back, check out our YouTube channel. | © Riot Games/Riftfeed

What Games Have Been Affected by the AWS Crash? 

The biggest games affected by the AWS downtime has got ot be League of Legends, as well as other Games by Riot. So, even if you wanted to log into the mobile version of the game, then tough luck, because Wilf Rift also isn't working. 

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VALORANT, PUBG and TFT also aren't working right now. If you want to know more about the AWS downtime, then make sure to check out the official website to find out when they can fix this. 

When did AWS go down? 

It seems that the servers went down around 15:20 GMT, that's 16:20 CET. Amazon is surely trying to fix this as quickly as possible since this simple blackout could cost the company millions. 

 So, just stay calm and wait while they fix the issues. You'll have trouble logging in until the problem has been solved. So, why not go out and get some fresh air while you wait...? Fresh air? What is that? It's the stuff outside of your basement Freddie.