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Who impressed you the most in their position?

LEC Awards: LEC Allstar Teams announced! [Updated]

LEC Awards Vote for LoL Allstar Team
Vote for the best! | © Riot Games

The regular season came to an end. The LEC Superweek is over and the 6 teams for the playoffs have been decided. That also means it's time for us to take part in the LEC Awards. Who was the best player in his lane? Who convinced you and has what it takes to become an LEC All-Pro? Now it's up to you, the community!

What an exciting split. Underdogs like Misfits fighting with the favourites for the top of the table. G2Esports making their fans despair in the first half of the summer. And more roster changes than ever. The summer was hot. It now is clear who made it to the Worlds 2021. After a short breather, the teams continued their fight from 13 August.

  • Upset is one of the pro's one could have voted for. He might have been a good option due to his Wife Buff..

LEC Awards: Vote Your Pro Into the Allstar Team

While the teams use their time to relax one last time and prepare for their final battles, the community is in action. Yes, you! It's time again for the LEC Awards. Riot needed your help and wanted to know: who was your favourite player in each position?

If you wanted to support your favourite pro and see them play at the All-Star Event this year, then you needed to vote for them.

Some in the community make fun of the voting system. In the end, only G2 would be elected anyway, because the fan base was so big that the other players would have no real chance. It was not about skill but popularity, some might say.

The Vote is over – here are the LEC Allstar Teams

Well...The community was probably right in part when it said that only G2 players would be chosen anyway. Please bear in mind that the voting took place after the regular split and not in the playoffs. That explains the result at least a little bit, even if G2 didn't even make it to the Worlds 2021.

Wonder which teams booked their tickets to the LoL Worlds 2021? Find out here:

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