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No revenge for Rogue after losing 0-3 earlier.

LEC: MAD Lions win second title against Fnatic!

Fnatic vs MAD LEC Finals Summer Split
Fnatic did not make it easy for the lions at all. | © Riot Games

After two weeks of LEC Playoffs only three teams were left in the League ring. Fnatic fought their way out of the regular Summer Split with 3 Bo5's to the top. Only Rogue and the MAD Lions were still waiting for a perceived defeat. In the Lower Bracket, the matter was quickly settled.... And in the Grand Final? Heat, blood, battle cries. In the end, it was one on one - MAD Lions versus Fnatic. Find out exactly how the LEC final turned out and why, here.

For the Lions, it was a chance to defend their title from the spring. Rogue could have finally got their revenge. But in the end, as we all know, everything always turns out differently. Or does it?

Lower Bracket Finals: Rogue 0-3 Fnatic

Rogue - the red-hot LEC stars who finished the regular split at the top of the ladder with an outstanding performance. Many did not believe that Fnatic still had enough power reserves to defeat such a giant. After all, they already had to play two Bo5s and both times it went down to match point in Game 5. But as we all know, everything always turns out differently. We knew that the boys in orange and black had developed incredibly over the course of the playoffs and that Upset led all the statistics thanks to the Wife Buff. But that they would be so aggressive, full of energy against an opponent like Rogue? Wow. Just wow!

It was the fastest LEC final in the lower bracket ever. Rogue made many mistakes, from the draft to the macro game and Fnatic took advantage of them all. It was a 3-0 sweep by the book and within no time the teams were set for the LEC final. MAD Lions vs Fnatic. What we watched on Saturday left us wanting more and certainly left every fan of the Lions trembling. Would Fnatic manage what Schalke 04 Esports had attempted in their Miracle Run?

LEC Grand Final: MAD Lions 3-1 Fnatic

The grand final that everyone had been waiting for. Fnatic stood opposite each other. The comeback of the year and a dream of a summer fairytale. And the MAD Lions. The seemingly invincible team of the playoffs - the defending champions. We don't want to bore you with the stories of the individual games now. In this case, pictures definitely speak more than a thousand words.

But there is definitely one highlight. Adam, the Fnatic rookie and super star on the Top Lane, led his team to victory quite often during the summer. But how Top Lane-oriented MAD played was incredible. In the match point for the title, Adam was literally removed from the game on Mordekaiser. Seriously... It was a 4v5. Adam didn't get Experience, or Gold. He was dived, intercepted and focussed.

In the end, all 4 games were super close and we haven't seen such aggressive play from Europe in a long time. From minute one, we fought, invaded and dived. That's the fun of League of Legends. This is what makes Esport fun! Fnatic and MAD Lions have shown what Europe is capable of this year and not only whet the appetite for more, but also give us some hope. Maybe something will happen this year at the LoL Worlds 2021. After all, we have a home advantage!

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