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Akshan will only participate as a spectator at the Worlds

LoL: Akshan disabled for Worlds 2021

Akshan will be banned from pro play.
I don't think we'll see this cool guy at the Worlds. | © Riot Games

The League of Legends Summer Split is coming to an end and the LoL Worlds 2021 are getting closer. Once again we are going to China. But without Akshan and Vex. These two only participate as spectators in the show of the year. For the LoL Worlds 2021 the new champions are deactivated for the time being.

Akshan has just arrived in League of Legends and Vex is still far from seeing the light of day. Nevertheless, one thing is already clear: neither of them will take part in the 2021 Worlds. Maximilian Peter Schmidt, Head of Esports for LoL in Europe and MENA, announced this on Twitter and at the same time clarified why this is the case.

Akshan will be disabled for the 2021 Worlds

The gameplay team has not yet had a chance to see and analyze the new champion in pro play. This is partly because Akshan has also been banned from the playoffs of regional leagues like the LEC. The teams have uniformly decided they would rather not make the new champ playable.

Since Akshan is not played in pro play, there is no data on him that says anything about his performance at a high level. Therefore, the blanace team can poorly assess the champion and balance him accordingly. The risk and the influence of Akshan on the Worlds 2021 is therefore simply too big. The logical conclusion? Off to the stands - Akshan will be disabled.

Tom Martell, Director of League Operations, has now provided more clarity with a statement on Twitter. For champions released shortly before Worlds, the rule is that they must be enabled in all 4 top regions (LCS, LEC, LPL, LCK) to be eligible for Worlds participation. With the LCS and LEC deyning Akshan in competetive play, The Rogue Sentinel won't have its entry to the stage yet. The tweet also says that this is how the rule will be applied for Worlds 2021. However, it will be reviewed in the course of the next season and might be revised.

Vex will also be disabled

There is no official statement from Riot Games yet. But of course the same applies for Vex as for Akshan. The Yordle Mage won't be coming to the Rift until September. So how is the team supposed to ensure clean balancing in preparation for Worlds 2021? Correct - not at all. That's why Vex will be deactivated as well. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to the idea of being inspired by the pros to create new champions and plays.

The good thing about all this? If you've fallen in love with Akshan or Vex and want to master them badly, this is your chance in the solo queue! Since no pro has access to them, they won't be chosen a lot by the fans. More Vex and Akshan for you then! After all, these two are only disabled for the playoffs and Worlds, not for us normies.

What do you think? Should Akshan and Vex be played at the Worlds?

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