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No wonder Riot has to help out. 41% win rate surely isn´t the greatest.

LoL: Another Hotfix Buff to Save Akshan Release

LoL Cyberpop Akshan Skin
If the latest buffs don´t help, he'll probably soon lose his smile. | © Riot Games

Actually, Akshan was supposed to really shake up the League of Legends and take hooking revenge on all his enemies. But the start went differently than planned for him and his fans. The hoped-for victories didn´t come and playing Akshan led to nothing but frustration. This also reflects in his incredibly low win rate. Riot intervenes with another hotfix buff. Read all about the micropatch here!

41%. Previously even lower and second only to Yuumi for the lowest win rate of a champion after release, ever. Things are not looking good for Akshan, even though so many voices in the community had great expectations for the new ADC hybrid. Sure, if Akshan's win rate was right near the 50% mark, we'd have to worry just as much about his balancing and surely Riot would then nerf with hotfixes instead of buffing.

Akshan Win Rate is WAY Too Low

It's quite normal for a newly released champion to have a relatively low win rate at their start - the players have to get used to it first. But with 34%, Akshan really hit the mark on that topic. Well, maybe not so much...

What's the point of a mechanic that revives allies if you can't manage to take out even one of the marked enemies? And that's exactly what Riot thought. Jeevun Sidhu, Lead Game Designer at Riot Games, announced on Twitter that another hotfix buff for Akshan has been applied.

But don't worry! The team thinks very carefully about Akshan's very special mechanic of being able to revive teammates. They highlighted, that it is important to them to keep that in mind specifically, with every micropatch rolling out. That's why it's all the more important to take very careful and well-considered steps when balancing Akshan.

LoL: Another Hotfix Buff to Save Akshan Release

We are curious to see whether the buffs will finally move Akshan in the right direction of the win rate percentage. At the moment it stands at around 41%, which is still far below average. After all, the release week is over and the community is learning not only to play with Akshan, but also against him.

We are excited to see what happens next with Akshan and are curious to see whether the next buffs for him will even come with Patch 11.16. 

Speaking of buffs and nerfs. Have you already seen what's coming in patch 11.16?

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