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His contract with TSM ends on November 16th

LoL: Bjergsen Set to Come Back in 2022

Bjergsen Comeback 2022 Pro Play LoL
Will Bjergsen rejoin a Eruopean team? | © RIot Games

Søren 'Bjergsen' Bjerg could return to professional League of Legends esports in 2022. After his retirement in 2020, the Dane became head coach of TSM. According to "upcomer", he could soon re-enter the active esports scene.

The latest news is hot! Our beloved ex- mid laner Bjergsen is set to return to pro play in 2022! As one of the hopefuls of the American League, the shock was great when he announced his retirement from the scene in 2020. Apparently, being a head coach didn't suit him. According to the latest reports, Bjergsen wants to return to the League scene in 2022 - as a player.

After the Season and Worlds in 2020 ended, Bjergsen became head coach of TSM, now TSM FTX. However his contract ends on the 16th of November. 'Upcomer' reports that reliable sources have confirmed to them that the LoL superstar will play again. He could join a starting line-up in LCS or LEC and there are quite some options.

Will Bjergsen Stay With TSM as Player?

Bjergsen is part of TSM since 2013 but will part ways with the organization it seems. A new chapter is set to begin and the mid lane all star will become a free agent for the first time in his career. With alot of shifts happening, especially in EU, Schalke04 Esports having sold their Slot and Team BDS looking for talents, he has quite some options. But does any of the orgs an teams want a 25 year old one?

He spent almost seven years in the LCS as one of the absolute top players in the region. Bjergsen dominated and won six regional championships in North America. But TSM couldn't win a single international tournament. On four of the five times he played for them, the team didn't even make it past the group stage of the Worlds.

He still is one of the best LoL players, especially in NA, and his comeback will be spectacular. Since he is a free agent now, we will of course keep you informed about his further development.

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