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Norra is now Vex. Yordle mages are all the same, it seems?

LoL Champion Vex is coming! Release Date, Abilities and Lore [UPDATED]

Vex official splash art leak
Official splash art baby!| © Riot Games

Nope! The new LoL Champion won´t be Norra, Yuumi´s missing master, but Vex. Since both are Yordle mages, Riot played the tricks on us once more. Thanks to the Sentinels event, we know for sure that Vex will become the 157th champion in the portfolio. But when exactly does she enter the Rift, where does she come from and what can she do? Find out here!

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We should have known better. For so many years now we've been following Riot through champion releases, teasers and leaks. And again and again, the MOBA giant manages to lead us around by the nose. When Vex was suddenly called Vex and no longer Norra, the surprise was once again successful. 

Vex´s Lore: What does it have to do with Viego?

But what´s that new Yordle mage up to? Where does she come from all of a sudden? You want to know all this and also what her abilities are about? Then this article is just right for you to get to know her!

Here´s a first glance at the cool emo look of hers.

The Sentinels event has already enlightened us about quite a few background stories. Each champion plays an important role and contributes his own part to Viego's tragic career - including Vex. But what exactly connects the two? 

According to lore, Viego and Vex met on their travels. Vex fell a little in love with the king, and helped him use her magic to gain even more power and strength. This would also explain why Viego is so incredibly strong now and has been dominating the meta for weeks.

Vex´s Abilities: What´s the Yordle up to?

Akshan? A Mid laner. Vex? Guess what? Another mid laner! Yes, you heard that right. The 156th as well as the 157th champions are solo laners. Vex was announced by Riot as a gloomy artillery mage, which could have been a first clue about her kit. But at the same time Riot stated that they want to go the traditional way of a bursty mage with Vex instead and due to the small rework a delayed release would have to be expected.

]UPDATE]: THe Vex Champion Spotlight is out. Just one day before Patch 11.18 we get a detailed look on Vex´ kit here:

When will Vex be released?

Riot explains in the latest statement that the shadow of Vex presents the team with greater challenges than initially thought. Therefore, we have to wait a little longer until the team is back on track. Patch 11.18 is coming tomorrow and now the first in-game has been revelead. Riot has announced that Vex is coming with LoL Worlds Patch 11.19.

Vex will be released with a Dawnbringer Vex Skin

No words. Just the skin.

Riot has also posted an insight thread on the development of Vex, regarding depression and character creation.

What do you think about Vex? Are you excited about her, and will buy her?

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