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Well, if that's not a good omen for the 2021 Worlds!

LoL: Fnatic Upset Receives Wife Buff

LoL Fnatic Upset Wife Buff
The odds are good for Europe. And it is not G2 this time. | © LEC/Fnatic

The Wife Buff. A rare phenomenon with great impact. Few players have been able to obtain it. But whenever someone succeeded, it was followed by the most successful year of their career. Coincidence? We think not. Find out what the Wife Buff is all about and why  League of Legends pro Elias "Upset" Lipp and Fnatic can count themselves lucky this year.

We're only joking, of course. Or are we? The Wife Buff is just a meme and not real, right? Something like a wedding can't affect the performance of our professionals, right? Well... The stats actually say otherwise. League of Legends pro Upset got married. What do you say to that? Congratulations on a great partner. And of course to the title World Champion 2021! Because with the Wife Buff, it's as good as a sure thing!

LoL: Fnatic Upset Receives Wife Buff

Out of nowhere, the good news reached us. Via Twitter, League of Legends player Upset informed the community, his competitors in the LEC that he is now married. Paulaeal is the lucky one. Congratulations to both of you. Here's to a long and healthy life! Why the news of Upset makes the competition not only jealous but also nervous has to do with the Wife Buff.

In the history of League of Legends esports, weddings have been rare. Many of the players are very young and sacrifice a large part of their free time for success. But in the meantime, the pros have also grown older and matured. So in the future we can expect more Wife Buffs!

And here it comes! Every player who got married was damn successful afterwards. And we mean really, really, successful! In 2017, Ambition, the jungler from Samsung Galaxy, got married. And what happens after that? He and his team emerge victorious in the World Championship Finals against SK T1 and Faker. Wife Buff, for sure.

It's 2019, and Doinb, the midlaner from FunPlus Phoenix is shaking up the Worlds scene and meta. His playstyle is like no other and he is dominating the tournament. We are sure many of you still remember the tournament. G2 Esports fans experienced an emotional rollercoaster that ended in heartbreak. DoinB and FPX crushed G2 3-0 in the final, even though the star of the tournament had already ended his career. His wife persuaded him to continue.

You can certainly point out the stories moral, can you?

Fnatic and Upset Going to Worlds 2021

The Wife Buff has struck again. What a weekend. The LEC playoffs took the last of our nerves away. But who are we to complain? Fnatic and Upset had to play out two Bo5's completely and only emerged victorious at 3-2 - both times. Now it's decided - Upset is going to Worlds. The next week it will be decided whether Fnatic has to prove themselves in the play ins or whether the boys can start directly in the group stage. But because of the Wife Buff it's clear what the outcome will be, isn't it?

We are hyped for the 2021 Worlds and hope that the Wife Buff will work for Europe this time. It would be too good to finally bring the title back home. Especially after what Fnatic had to go through the last splits and because the guys have really worked on themselves a lot.

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