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Rengar and Season 11 hardly go together. Riot Games have probably noticed that now.

LoL: Mini Rework Is Coming for Rengar

LoL Rengar Mini Rework
Rengar is just too hard in Low Elo. | © Riot Games

It's playoff time in League of Legends. And apparently for Riot that also means it's mini rework time! First Karma in patch 11.16, then Lucian and Amumu, which will be tackled with LoL patch 11.17. And now Riot has presented a mini rework for Rengar on Twitter and has also already uploaded it to the PBE. All information about the rework and when it will go live can be found here!

You haven't seen anything of the new Amumu and Lucian yet? Then this is the right thing for you:

Rengar finally gets a mini rework! It's about time. His Season 11 performance is more than questionable. There are too many good alternatives for him. And on top of that, the other champions, such as Diana, are also much easier to play. Rengar is one of the classic OTP champions that only works in the higher Elo Platinum+ range. And it's not more than workable either. A pick rate of 2.5% with a win rate of 48% make the cat look bad

LoL:Mini Rework Is Coming for Rengar

That's quite a lot of changes. But don't worry! We'll go through the most important points of the Rengar rework with you.


  • Rengar now only has 3 stacks of Ferocity. This means his rotation becomes simpler, faster and MUCH more efficient. Basically, the cat can now jump on you, hit everything once and then get a second empowered Q after that. As soon as he has empowered one of his abilities, he gets Movement Speed. A little less than before, but instead of 1.5 seconds for a whopping 3!

W - Battle Roar

  • The shout was reworked to give Rengar an optimal Jungle clear. As you can see from our Jungle Tier List for Patch 11.16, it's all about clear speed, burst, and a meta mythic item to go with it. Extra damage on monsters, extra healing AND he Rengar can now roar 2 times - in every 3-attack combo - thanks to his new passive.

E - Bolar Strike

  • Short and sweet. You no longer have a cast time when jumping on enemies. This means that your 3-attack combo is executed 0.25 seconds faster (which is a hell of a lot for assassins in the meta, by the way) and Rengar's opponents can react worse to a potential snare.

Speaking of Mythic Items. What is the best thing to play on Rengar?

Rengar Mini Rework Release Date

The changes to Rengar's kit are quite extensive balance-wise. The mini rework has just been uploaded to the PBE and LoL Patch 11.17 is already coming on 25 August. Whether the team could collect enough data for the necessary fine-tuning by then is questionable. In our opinion, Rengar can become one of the best junglers, especially with the changes to the passive. Caution is advised, especially with assassins who straight up oneshot!

Therefore, we assume that we will have to be satisfied with Amumu and Lucian for the time being in patch 11.17 and that the Rengar mini rework will be released in patch 11.18.

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