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Are you ready for the final patch of Season 11?

LoL Patch 11.22 Highlights

Victorious Blitzcrank
Victorious Blitzcrank arrives in Patch 11.22 | © Riot Games

We have finally arrived at the final patch of Season 11, LoL Patch 11.22. In just two short weeks, the ranked ladder will be reset and Preseason will begin. Have you finished your end-of-season climb?

When will Season 11 End?

Below is some information regarding the end of S11, Ranked Rewards, and Preseason 12.

The Summoner’s Rift Ranked and Honor season will end at 11:59 PM local time on the last day of Patch 11.22. Ranked rewards will be distributed by December 16 during patch 11.23 for all regions except China, where players will receive rewards in patch 11.24. More details can be found at the Player Support page here!

System Changes in LoL Patch 11.22

Goredrinker is the only item set to be buffed in this patch. Riot noticed that their combined nerfs of Conqueror/Goredrinker/Ravenous Hunter completely destroyed the win-rates of several champions that are dependent on the build, such as Renekton and Aatrox.

System Buffs - Goredrinker

  • Health: 400 to 450
  • Omnivamp: 8% to 10%

Ceaseless Hunger (Ornn Upgrade)

  • Health: 550 to 600
  • Omnivamp: 13% to 15%

We're not convinced that these buffs will be enough to repair the damage done to Goredrinker, but we'd prefer to never see that item ever again.

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Huge Akali Buff in LoL Patch 11.22

Crime City Nightmare Akali
Akali will be a nightmare in Patch 11.22 | © Riot Games
  • Passive - Assassins Mark: Damage 29-170 (based on level) (+40% AP) to 35-182 (based on level) (+55% AP)
  • Riot finally feel comfortable throwing a little bit of love towards Akali. This champion is notoriously difficult to balance without making her insanely broken, so we're a bit nervous about how OP she'll become after this change to her passive.

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Red Kayn will be OP in Patch 11.22?

Nightbringer Kayn
Expect to see more Rhaast in Patch 11.22 | © Riot Games
  • Q - Reaping Slash: Darkin Physical Damage 65% AD (+5% (+4% per 100 AD) of target's max health) to 65% AD (+5% (+5.5% per 100 AD) of target's max health)
  • R - Umbral Trespass: Darkin Physical Damage 10% (+13% per 100 bonus AD) of target's max health to 15% (+13% per 100 bonus AD) of target's max health
  • Some major buffs here to Rhaast aka Red Kayn. These should help it become more of a choice between Blue/Red, rather than having the default choice be blue every game. Red Kayn has been majorly overlooked for a long time, and is especially struggling post Conqueror/Goredrinker nerf.

Kha'Zix takes a huge hit in Patch 11.22

  • Q - Taste Their Fear: Total Damage 60/85/110/135/160 (+130% bonus AD) to 60/85/110/135/160 (+115% bonus AD)
    Q - Isolated Damage: 126/178.5/231/283.55/336 (+273% bonus AD) to 126/178.5/231/283.55/336 (+241.5% bonus AD)

These are some absurdly huge nerfs. If you aren't a Kha'Zix player, you might not understand how massive these are. The bug is going to feel real sad until he gets some compensation buffs, so don't worry about banning him in Patch 11.22.

Arcane Skins and Victorious Blitzcrank Release in Patch 11.22

Arcane Vi
Arcane VI will be playable in Patch 11.22 | © Riot Games

As previously mentioned in our Arcane Skins Preview, Jayce and VI are getting a new look next patch. Additionally, the end of season reward skin - Victorious Blitzcrank will be available to players soon!

Upcoming Skins in Patch 11.22:

  • Victorious Blitzcrank
  • Arcane VI
  • Arcane Jayce

Riot had this to say regarding how players can get their hands on these upcoming skins:

Victorious Blitzcrank will be available this patch to eligible players through End of Season rewards. Players will be able to earn Arcane Jayce starting November 8, 2021 and Arcane Vi starting November 15, 2021 for a limited time.

That's all we have for you guys today! Make sure to grind out those last games before preseason begins to get your end-of-season rewards!

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