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Is Voice Chat Coming to League?

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Will we have voice chat in League? | © Riot Games

Riot Games removing /all from specific regions has brought up new questions regarding voice chat in League of Legends. Will we ever be getting voice chat in games or has Riot not even thought of adding voice chat?

Design Lead of the Behavioral Systems Riot BarackProbama posted on Reddit regarding voice chat in League of Legends. He answers some questions on voice chat in League!

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Will League of Legends Get a Voice Chat?

It seems like voice chat is still a long way away for League of Legends. Lead Designer of the Behavioral Systems explained that even though voice chat is a rich communication tool, it can also be easily abused by players.

With voice chat, people can be much more toxic, especially towards newer players. But also players from marginalized communities would also be much more affected by introducing team voice chat to the game.

Voice is more damaging and disruptive to marginalized groups. It reveals more information about them that has been repeatedly demonstrated to increase severity and frequency of harassment.

Not only can voice chat be extremely abusive, but it is also hard to moderate. In written chat screenshots can be found of someone being toxic, while voice chat this wouldn’t be possible. Therefore it’s harder to keep track of voice chat and toxicity, which is why Riot Games isn’t thinking of adding voice chat anytime soon.

How Can Communication In-Game be Improved?

So even if we might not be getting voice chat in League of Legends, there are other ways to improve communication with the team. One of those could be through creating a better ping system and improved quick chat as well.

Riot is still working on those though and we are more likely to get these before voice chat ever makes it debut in League of Legends.

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