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Which Champions are the most popular ones?

LoL Worlds Groups by the Numbers

Groups by the Numbers
Will Yuumi be getting a skin at the end of Worlds? | © Riot Games

The 2021 World Championship group phase just finished and we now know the top eight teams of this year's World Championship. Prior to this year's tournament, analysts and experts praised the LPL for their team fighting power, while counting the LCK out as a ‘one team region’.

The landscape of professional League looks much different with C9 making it out of Group A – dubbed the group of death – and with Fnatic failing to make the knock-out stage amidst team and player drama.

But outside of that, what can we tell by looking at the group stage? Which champions had the most impact and influence? That’s what we’re going to analyze today.

Lee Sin is the Most Sought After Pick

Lee Sin, everyone's favorite blind monk is the most prominent pick. He managed to have a presence in 98% of games at the 2021 World Championship group stage. He is always a staple and part of any pro meta, but who would have thought that he would be the champion with the most presence.

According to GamesofLegends esports, Lee Sin was picked a total of 24 times and was banned 29 times. His win rate throughout the group stage was a solid 50%, having won 12 of his games and his K/DA is a decent 4.2.

Miss Fortune, Lucian and Twisted Fate Are Effective Picks

The meta must have evened out by now as we’re heading into the best of five’s in the quarterfinals. Some picks which seem to have a huge impact on their games are Miss Fortune, Lucian and Twisted Fate.

Lucian has a massive 73% win rate. He was picked in 11 games, winning 8 of them – one of which he was played in the top lane by Khan who even managed to get a pentakill. Even though he was only picked 11 times, he has raked in 36 bans.

Miss Fortune also has an 80% presence at the group stage of Worlds with 35 picks and 8 bans. Her win rate is also impressive sitting at 57%, making her one of the best ADC champions at this years League of Legends World Championship.

Another staple is Twisted Fate in the mid lane. Just like Miss Fortune he’s got a 57% win rate, but his presence is sitting at a solid 94%. So either you pick TF or you ban him.

Yuumi – the X Factor

One pick no one seems to have seen coming was Yuumi. She has made her presence known on the Worlds stage, being first picked by DAMWON KIA when they kicked off the group stage against FunPlus Phoenix.

Since then she’s become one of the most prominent picks, either getting picked or banned. She’s sitting at a 94% presence – just like Twisted Fate. It seems like more teams are against playing her though, since she was banned a total of 36 times, only being picked 12.

So, which champion would you like to see more of – or less of – in the coming best of fives? We’d love to see some crazy picks like Fiddlesticks or Shaco in the jungle.

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