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Patch 11.18 and 11.19 will determine the Championship Meta

LoL: Riots Plans Behind the Worlds Patches

T1 Faker Zed LoL Worlds 2021
Will the Demon King be back on his iconic zed?

Riot Games has published its approach to the Worlds Patch 11.19. The meta is to be more diverse and broader for Worlds 2021. The goal is to have a large champion pool.

Jeevun "Jag" Sidhu, Lead Game Designer on the Summoner's Rift team for League, has announced that patch 11.18 and patch 11.19 will together form the Worlds patches. The meta is meant to be broad and in theory, they want to give every champ the opportunity to be picked in proplay.

Balance Goals for The 2021 Worlds

Jag talks on Twitter about how they made some mistakes in the past Worlds in adjusting the meta. Champions were buffed and forced into the meta so much that it was impossible to keep them under control on the live servers and they were immediately nerfed again there. Such situations should be avoided in the future and upcoming schedule.

These are the points the Riot Games team wants to focus on for Worlds Patch 11.19:

  • Focus on pro play, but solo queue should not suffer from any buffs nerfs or adjustments.
  • Don't force buffs that will probably be taken back immediately after the Worlds.
  • Look for ways to make the meta game more dynamic.

Riot Games' Meta Plan for the LoL Worlds

  • Nerf meta champs that are too dominant so that they do not endanger diversity. Example: A champ that has an 80+% pick or ban rate should be brought to about 40%.
  • Champs that we have already seen in pro play and currently have around 5-15% pick or ban rate should be brought to the 30%.
  • Bringing champs into the pro meta where the changes have little or no effect on solo queue. E.g: More wave clear, flexpicks, early game snowball.
  • Split patches into 11.18 (A) and 11.19 (B). Implement riskier changes in Patch A and react to and improve them in Worlds Patch 11.19 (B).
  • Buffs should not be reacted to immediately with nerfs. Patch 11.18 and 11.19 shall give room for trial and error.

Riot Focuses on 2 Target Groups of Champions

  • A. Champs we have already seen in pro play but did not succeed, will get small buffs.

    This is less risky for Riot because they already know the champs and the effects of their buffs.

E.g: Lillia

  • Base AS and AS ratio: 625. -> 640.
  • Base HPregeneration: 1.5 -> 1.1
  • Passive healing on camps: 18-94 -> 24-101

B. Champs we've seen little to never in pro play get bigger buffs!

This is the risky part of 11.18 (A) we were talking about.

E.g: Draven

  • If Draven's Ultimate "Whirling Death" hits an opponent whose life is lower than Draven's current League of Draven stacks, they will be executed.

Riot Games admits, however, that these buffs are very risky and will be implemented in patch 11.18 so that pro players can prepare for the new meta and too high win rates can be compensated for in patch 11.19.

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