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NA & EU Struggle on Worlds 2021 Group Stage Day 3


Worlds Group Stage Day 3 Results
Worlds Group Stage Day 3 Results | © Riot Games

Korea and China are looking particularly dominant this year at Worlds 2021 after stomping through EU/NA teams left and right in Week 1 of Group Stage. This feeling comes as no shock for NA supporters, but it might be new for EU fans. LCS and LEC teams performed particularly poorly during Day 3 of the Worlds 2021 Group Stage; The two regions went 0-6 collectively today, much to the dismay of supporters. Welcome to the club EU diehards.

Group A Update - Day 3 - Worlds Group Stage

Another EU loss in Group A: FunPlusPheonix were able to hand Rogue a 34 minute loss today. FPX came in as a strong contender to this tournament, before losing their first group match rather quickly to Damwon Kia - who look in form to accomplish a repeat worlds win. Speaking of DWG, they were able to one-up FPX yet again today after delivering Cloud9 loss in only 33 minutes. This gave EU and NA fans another chance to bond over their shared trauma on Worlds Day 3. Damwon Gaming currently leads this group with a 3-0 Record; making them one of three undefeated teams left in Worlds 2021 Groups.

Group B Update - Day 3 - Worlds Group Stage

NA fans had to experience one more gut-punch before the day was over. T1 took a commanding sub-30 minute win over 100Thieves. This was even with star jungler Closer managing to steal a baron away. The only win 100T have been able to secure in Group B was against DetonatioN FocusMe, the LJL representative looked shaky in Play-Ins and has been even worse in Groups with an 0-3 record. EDward Gaming currently leads this group with a 3-0 Record.

Group C Update - Day 3 - Worlds Group Stage

Checking in on Group C, EU fans might want to look away. Fan favorite Fnatic is currently 0-3 after dropping a game on Day 3 to PSG Talon. All things considered, this is the expected outcome for a team that lost their ADC ‘upset’ just before groups began. Expectations should have been low for this team, maybe they can turn it around and make a miracle run? RNG currently leads this group with a 3-0 Record. 

Group D Update - Day 3 - Worlds Group Stage

The day began with Mad Lions dropping a game to LNG Esports in 46 minutes. Fresh off of a dominant Summer Split, MAD Lions are the team that many EU followers are backing. It’s still relatively early in the Group Stage phase, so there is plenty of time for this squad to clean up their act and escape Group D. However, the same can be said for Team Liquid - who were only able to take a game off of Mad Lions in a shocking upset earlier this week. TL shared a similar fate to MAD today with a 38 minute loss to LCK rep; Gen.G.

As of now, Group D is topped by Gen.G and LNG Esports - the KR and CN representatives respectively. It’s worthy to note that Gen.G has delivered LNG it’s only loss, but Mad Lions has beat Gen.G; thus completing the ‘circle of suck’ many fans have come to reference at International LoL Events over the years.

Are you still backing NA and/or EU at Worlds 2021? It's okay if you can't handle anymore, you might be better off picking an LCK or LPL team to back!

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