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Would you want to go to this cafe?

New Cafe Cutie Skins: Release Date, Champions & More

Gwen Cutie Cafe Skin
That cake looks delicious! | © Riot Games

Riot just announced new skins coming soon. We’re nearing the end of the year and we know we’re going to get some free skins quite soon, but of course, that isn’t enough for us gluttons out there. No, we want more cosmetics and Riot is serving us them.

We had Space Groove skins this year and Bewitching skins for Halloween, but now it’s time for us to enjoy some more adorable skin lines with the Cafe Cutie skins. Spoiler: This concept was perfect for Zoe, but she didn’t get a skin.

Which Champions Are Receiving Cafe Cutie Skins?

A total of six champions are getting Cafe Cutie skins. This colorful, pink maid-cafe themed skin line is every Otaku’s dream and these six champions are making it a reality:

  • Annie
  • Soraka
  • Gwen
  • Sivir
  • Bard
  • Vladimir

Sivir is a bit out of place and fans have said that she doesn’t look like herself, but the plate she’s holding gives it away that this is Sivir. We’re excited nonetheless to have her whip cake in our face when we play against her.

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Will there be a Prestige Cafe Cutie Skin?

We doubt there will be a prestige skin as part of this skin line. No splash art has been found and Riot is only missing Brand as a champion to still get a prestige skin. We don’t think the fiery mage really fits the maid cafe concept.

When Are the Cafe Cutie Skins Getting Released?

These skins will hit the PBE servers on November 2 or 3, 2021, which means they should be released on November 17, 2021. LoL Patch 11.23 is going to be the second to last patch and will have much of the pre-season changes going live, along with new dragons and new items.

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