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Riot Releases New Client

New Riot Client September 2021
Now that looks neat! | © Riot Games

Long have we waited, but it's finally here. All of Riot's games in one place, at a glance. What can the new client from Riot do, what does it look like? We show you what it got!

Riot is really trying to win the employee of the month award right now. First a new streaming app is leaked, then an overhaul of League+ is announced and now we hear about a new client that will be released soon? Definitely employee of the month - or in this case game forgeof the month.

Today, however, we will focus on the latter. What can the new client do and when will it be released?

New Riot's Client Features 

Why it is called Riot Game "S" and not Riot Game should be more than clear by now. 5 online games in different genres and three more projects in planning (Fighting, Hack & Slash, MMORPG). Riot is no longer just League of Legends. Valorant is showing this at the Masters more than ever. And that's why it's about time that Riot released a new client á la All games at a glance - that's how it should be:

All desktop Riot games will be accessible from one client, with each game having its own dedicated product page with game-specific content including the latest news and events. You’ll be able to clean up your desktop and only have one Riot Client launcher where all your favorite Riot games will live! However, if you prefer, you can maintain your existing game desktop shortcuts for a direct path to your favorite game.

That actually sounds a lot like Blizzard's client, don't you think? But that's not a bad thing! We actually like the new features and are happy to finally have everything compact and at a glance. And who knows. Maybe chatting about different games will finally become easier?

New Riot's Client Design

As far as the design of the new client is concerned, Riot has not yet revealed any details, but it is supposed to be better than Steam, Epic Games and Here is a small preview:

New Riot's Client Release Date

The new Riot client will be released on 20th of September and should be available to all players worldwide on 4th of October. You don't have to download anything; the new Riot client will be released as an update to the current client. It will be a pretty big update though! We're also curious to see how this new client will affect the user interface of all of Riot's games. Could this mean that there will be some smaller game updates before October 4? We will keep you op-to-date!

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