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Are you excited for the next line of Elderwood Skins?

New Elderwood Skins Revealed on PBE

Elderwood Rek'Sai Splash
Rek'Sai is finally getting her first skin in almost 2 years! | © Riot Games

Rek'Sai and Gnar mains alike were elated to see that the two are part of the next Elderwood Skin Line that was added to PBE yesterday. We have yet to discover if any other champions are planned for Elderwood Skins, but Riot have left fans a teaser..

Are you guys exciting for these upcoming skins?

Elderwood Rek'Sai Skin Revealed

It's been quite some time since Rek'Sai fans had anything to be excited about. Blackfrost Rek'Sai released on March 5th, 2020 and she's had nothing since then - that's almost 650 days... In fact, she only has 3 skins in the game right now including Pool Party, Eternum, and Blackfrost - this void creature really needed some love!

This all new Rek'Sai skin has fans freaking out, it's like she was made for this skin line. Check out some of her new SFX and recall animation, it is also on the PBE right now!

As you guys can see, this skin is totally sick. Anyone with Mastery 7 on Rek'Sai should definitely consider picking up this skin, but it is a bummer that the voice lines aren't altered at all. However, Riot may change this if enough players voice their opinion on the feedback thread!

Elderwood Gnar Skin Revealed

Elderwood Gnar Splash
We're getting 'Ori and the Blind Forest' vibes.. | © Riot Games

Gnar was basically in the same boat as Rek'Sai, as he hasn't received a skin since May 20th 2020 with the release of Astronaut Gnar. Luckily, Gnar fans have literally over double the amount of skins to choose from (7 total) compared to Rek'Sai players. We're totally not salty!

So what does this epic skin actually look like in game? Check it out on the PBE or in the Skin Spotlight Video.

Does the monster remind anyone else of Mao'Kai? All jokes aside, this is a fantastic addition to Gnar's skin line. If you want to give Riot some feedback on this skin, the thread is linked here.

Riot's skin team has managed to create another awesome thing to get us to spend more money in League of Legends... Hopefully your wallet is prepared for these skins to drop near the end of December/early January.

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