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Where is Fnatic's Former Mid Laner Going?

Nisqy Likely to Skip Next Split?


Nisqy FNC
Nisqy won't be rocking the black and orange look in 2022 | © Riot Games

Former Fnatic mid laner Yasin "Nisqy" Dinçer announced on his stream that he will likely not play competitively in the 2022 Summer Split.

November is here and, now that Worlds is over, it’s time for the transfer drama - and nobody does transfer drama quite like Fnatic. After an emergency forced them to play without their star AD carry Upset, the team was eliminated in the groups with a 1-5 record and some events that hinted at a fair bit of drama behind the curtains. It all resulted in several players coming on the transfer market - one of them being mid lane Nisqy. In a recent stream session, the player stated that he will likely not play competitively in the first half of 2022

This is somewhat surprising as despite Nisqy’s time at Fnatic not being the most successful iteration of the team - apart from an amazing summer playoff run - he played the part of a more supporting mid-laner quite well until their struggles at Worlds. Likewise, on Cloud9 he led the team to several top 3 placements and was part of their team for the 2019 World Championship.

Does this mean that esports fans won’t see anything from Nisqy next year? We wouldn’t be so hasty. Recent rumors stated that he might be returning to Cloud9, but even if that transfer fails, there is a good chance he may show up in the ERL or in the Turkish championship if he is willing to play. Another alternative that players have is to skip the spring split so they can focus on finding a fitting team for the summer. Either way, we might not be getting "Nesquik" on the LEC next spring.

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