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Burnout is real guys.

Nuguri Takes Break Due to Burnout

Nuguri is suffering from burnout. | © Riot Games

Burnout is real and it's hitting some of your favorite League of Legends players to such a level that they're deciding to take breaks. The most recent victim is none other than Jang "Nuguri" Ha-gwon who won the 2020 World Championship with DAMWON and played on FPX in 2021. 

Through his agency, he elaborated on his plans for 2022, which will entail rest, some peace and time away from professional League of Legends. So any DAMWON KIA Hopium sniffers out there, we're sorry to have to burst your bubble. 

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Nurguri to Take Break in 2022

As mentioned, Nuguri is going to be taking a break in 2022. This comes after much discussion with teams interested in picking the top laner up and with his family. 

He is going to be focusing on his mental health in this time and take a step away from the stressful pro gamer lifestyle. This news comes after Kang Beom-jun of The Play Studios & Spear Gaming released a statement on Nuguri's behalf. 

In a translated version of the statement, he writes that "Ultimately, it was Nuguri’s decision to take a break, and while this decision will surely disappoint all those interested, [...] this decision wasn’t an easy decision to make and was a long and grueling process until the very end.". 

Kang Beom-jun also explained that this statement wasn't sent out by Nuguri himself due to his exhaustion of working tirelessly throughout the last five years to try and win as many championships as possible. 

So, hopefully, Nuguri will be able to rest and gain some of his energy back. He's managed to make it to two LPL finals, won the LCK Summer Split in 2020 and the 2020 World Championship. 

Hand-written Note by Nuguri
Hand-written Note by Nuguri | © Nuguri via invenglobal