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Everything you need to know about LoL Patch 11.16

Patch Notes Highlights: LoL Patch 11.16

LoL Skins Coven Leblanc prestige edition
New coven skins for some of our favourite champions! | © Riot Games

After a long three-week break, it is time for a new League of Legends Patch! A lot has happened in Patch 11.16. There are two mini reworks and some of the strongest champions have finally been nerfed. Here are all the highlights of LoL Patch 11.16 for you!

If you are looking for all the info don't worry. We have covered all the buffs and nerfs of LoL Patch 11.16 as well as Insight on the Karma and Sona rework for you. Riftfeed is the only wiki you need!

LoL Patch 11.16 Nerfs Tahm Kench

Yes, you read that right. Tahm Kench, the king of the river and most annoying top laner in the meta, gets the nerf hammer - thank you! His top lane dominance was just too blatant. From Silver to Pro Play, Tahm Kench was everywhere.

With LoL Patch 11.16 Riot nerfed the base damage of his passive. In addition, the healing of his Q was lowered. With this, the Riot wants to weaken the early game of Tahm Kench. His damage and sustain were simply out of control. Sometimes he could win 1v2s at level 4. By then the game was more or less decided. What do you think of the nerfs? Do you think it's enough to finally get the catfish under control? Write us your opinion on Facebook!

Maokai Buffs Back on Top Lane With LoL Patch 11.16

Maokai has been a popular support pick in recent months. His E- seedlings are a brilliant poke in the early game. It's super hard to trade against him without boots, and the hard engage with his W quickly leads to firstbloods at level 3. Not to mention that his ultimate ability is a great Engage aswell. But now Maokai should become a top laner again.

To make the Top Lane project a success, Riot has massively increased the healing of Maokai's passive. This is to ensure the necessary sustain for the current meta. And how do you make the Top Lane variant even stronger? Sure. You just nerf the support abilities. Maokai gets an E-Nerf, which reduces the damage of the explosion, especially in the early game. Let's see if that's enough...

Sona Rework - Gets New Passive

Riot explains that Sona's old passive with the mana refund wasn't fun. Now she gets stacks every time she uses an ability. The stacks in turn give her ability baste. That means she can build up more stacks faster and faster as the game goes on. And here it comes! At 60 stacks, she loses 1.5 seconds of cooldown on her ultimate for each additional one. We are curious to see how the rework looks on the Rift and how many stuns it will rain down in the late game.

Karma Rework With LoL Patch 11.16 Should Make Her Support Again

We've already talked in detail about Karma's mini rework, but of course it's still one of the highlights of patch 11.16. The changes are meant to weaken her top lane variant and make her better on duo lanes in particular.

Her shield is better, but now always is limited to 40% movement speed. The Q now deals less damage, but costs less mana and the mantra variant has been buffed. In addition, auto attacks no longer reduce the mantra cooldown by 1 second. Instead, it is now 5 seconds due to Ability Hits! This makes poking even stronger as a support and the many mantras in a duo lane for the extra portion of utility will be insane!

LoL Skin Coven Evelynn
Evelynn got a new skin with patch 11.16! | © Riot Games

Which Champions Get a Coven Skin in Patch 11.16?

We get more Coven skins (and two Old God skins, but they are also part of the Coven). Look forward to a total of six new Coven skins and keep your eyes peeled for them in the shop!

  • Ashe
  • Evelynn (Legendary)
  • Ahri
  • Cassiopeia
  • Warwick (Old God)
  • Malphite (Old God)
  • LeBlanc (Prestige)

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