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These numbers are just insane!

Peak Viewership of Worlds Finals Breaks Records

Viewership Records broken
So many people watched EDG take the Summoner's Cup! | © Riot Games

The 2021 World Championship semi-final between T1 and DAMWON KIA only had one week until it was dethroned as the most-watched match of this year's World Championship. Of course, the finals would take the viewership cake.

According to Esports Charts, the Finals between DAMWON KIA and EDward Gaming had a peak viewership of over 4-million people! That’s insane! Of course, this is without any of the numbers from Chinese streaming services, if we added those, then it would be even more! Take into account viewing parties all over as well…

We can say a lot of people watched this year's World Championship finals.

Record-Breaking Viewership Numbers

Not only is over 4-million peak viewers huge, but it’s also record-breaking for League of Legends esports. In the tweet announcing the massive viewership, Esports Charts stated that this is an all-time record for League of Legends.

The biggest esports event in the world just got a little bit bigger. More people than ever before tuned in to watch as the number one LCK seed, DAMWON KIA, faced off against the number one LPL seed EDward Gaming.

Most analysts and fans predicted DAMWON to easily run over EDward Gaming who had shown some weaknesses early on in the tournament. But what no one had accounted for was how much better EDG got with every single match they played.

EDG played a total of 15 games in the knockout stage, going a solid 5-games in each match. They beat the odds each time, falling behind before clawing their way back to victory, this tenacity was shown during the 2021 World Championship Finals once again, in front of over 4-million peak viewers.