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Did you see this one coming?

Rumor: Rekkles and G2 Esports will part ways, Jankos is responsible

Rekkles from G2 Esports
Where will he go next? | © LEC & Riot Games

Just days ago, it was reported that Rekkles, the AD Carry player for G2 Esports will not be returning to play for the League of Legends team next year. Since then, the news has traveled quickly around the LoL Esports community, with fans in disarray.

Rekkles, the star ADC for G2, has long been a fan favorite. He’s known for representing the region at international events as a world class player. However, that might soon change.

Is Rekkles leaving G2?

The topic has exploded since Tuesday, with more pieces of the puzzle being fit together day by day. Carlos ‘ocelote’ R, CEO of G2 initially denied the rumors, claiming they were ‘fake news’ in a tweet.

For some context, Carlos was the target of mass-scrutiny from the G2 Esports fan base last year during the transfer window. This was largely because Perkz, now the mid-laner for C9, was supposedly blocked from transferring to rival LEC team Fnatic.

Why might Rekkles be leaving G2?

As reported later by Pablo ‘BloopGG’ Suárez, this decision seems to have been heavily influenced by G2’s Jungler: Jankos. This came as a shock to most fans, as the team has been known for it’s camaraderie. It’s worthy to note that G2 failed to make Worlds 2021, which likely could have contributed to the tension.

Fans have begun to speculate that Rekkles will end up in the LCS next year, perhaps playing alongside Bjergsen who is rumored to be back for 2022.

Will Rekkles go to the LCS?

It’s no secret by now that many world class players have been picked up by teams from the LCS offering hefty contracts. Just last year Perkz agreed to a multi-year contract worth US$ 11.75M to join Cloud9. Many fans are expecting TSM to make a bid, alongside rumors that Bjergsen will return to play with Rekkles at the beginning of the 2022 LCS Spring Split.

That’s all the information we have for now on this matter. We’ll keep you all updated on any future developments, make sure to check back in later. As for now, where do you think Rekkles will go?

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