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RIP all you Silco fans

Silco Will Not Be a LoL Champion

Silco TFT
Silco won't be seen on Summoner's Rift. | © Riot Games/Netflix

Silco has gained quite an ever-growing fan base with every episode of Arcane. He was meant to be this bad guy with an evil plan but ended up being a well-fleshed-out character with flaws, but also good sides, something we don’t see often in television these days.

Someone is a villain, they’re perceived as inherently evil with no values and nothing to give. Silco subverted this trope and became a real human, someone who loved Jinx dearly like his own daughter.

So, wouldn’t a character like that be amazing in League of Legends? Yes, yes they would, but sadly Riot has other plans.

Silco Won’t be in LoL

In a recent post fans were heartbroken to find out that Silco won’t be part of the League of Legends universe. He could have been a cool addition to the bot lane as a support champion, or even as a sneaky jungler.

But that won’t happen. The TFT developers have sadly spoiled it for everyone through this statement.

Typically, we’re able to adapt League of Legends champions to Teamfight Tactics, with, well, a lot of work, but Silco isn’t coming to League of Legends, so we’ve had to build him from the ground up.

So, while you were dreaming of a Summoner’s Rift under the scrutiny of Silco, fighting his long-lost brother Warwick… sorry we mean Vander. That’s all just a pipe dream. But don’t worry you won’t have to be completely Silco-less now that Arcane is Over.

Silco Will be in TFT

Silco is going to be the first original TFT character in the game. Until now we’ve had the likes of Vi, Jinx, Jayce and Caitlyn roaming the different boards, hell even Ekko is there and he got a Little Legend of his own.

But now, TFT is branching away from the usual League of Legends characters and will be getting their first original character in Silco! What abilities he will have and whether he is going to create a whole new class is yet to be determined.

So all you Silco fans out there, practice your TFT skills because in set 6.5 you’ll be able to place Silco in your team.